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  1. They came out aggressive and Books ability to hit the right guy with a smartly thrown ball put them on their heels
  2. 3 and out is exactly what you need. Great first series on both ends. Settle in now
  3. Huge huge first drive. Back it up on D here and get it rolling
  4. Absolutely spot on. There’s 12 minutes left in a close game and they’re going to keep handing it off up he middle now? WTF
  5. BW hasn’t been good. Add that to his horrible oline play and it’s been a terrible game all around. His legs are what makes him a threat back there and there’s been 2 qb called runs today? I don’t understand it
  6. I’m fairly certain at this point I could beat Eichenberg off the edge
  7. Oline is absolutely putrid today. Unreal being dominated by a Mac school across the line
  8. Yeah, that INT went right through boykins hands. BW hasn’t been good today but that one is not on him
  9. Jesus, wake the f up. Oline is getting manhandled by a Mac school right now
  10. Fun little quote overheard in the Michigan locker room from their D coordinator Don Brown, who has had some success against ND from his Boston College days “He got me. That freaking Wimbush boomed me. He’s so good.” And repeated it 4 times
  11. Wimbush has his issues to fix and I wouldn’t ever argue against that, but ND doesn’t win tonight without him. His scrambling ability and his ability to avoid the edge rush on what seemed like every play was what kept ND ahead
  12. ND doesn’t win that game without Wimbush
  13. I mean they’ve scored 24 on an “elite” defense with a quarter to go. An average of 24 ppg given up would put them middle of the pack
  14. ND has its issues and need to show improvement, but michigans d got absolutely gashed last year by the few offenses they played that weren’t among the worst in football. I think their d coordinator don brown is going to have them prepared though from his experience playing ND with boston college
  15. Hahahaha this quote reminds me of the time my buddy convinced me to come up to blue white weekend at pedo state. I wore my ND jersey all weekend and averaged probably a minimum of a dozen threats per hour. I was also 22 at the time and did quite a bit of drinking from the time I woke up until the time I passed out. During the blue white game, every time people cheered I kept telling them penn st was losing I’m not sure why they’re cheering.
  16. Hahahahahahahahahahaha I am bookmarking this one
  17. A bag of oversized dildos to shove up BK’s ahole
  18. Exactly why I hate that ND plays navy every year. They gain nothing from it. A win is “a win over a service academy, big deal” a loss and it makes ND look terrible, and we come away with at least a few injuries
  19. If they don’t stop them this drive I’m changing my prediction to a loss
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