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  1. even on an incompletion corey robinson looks impressive as hell
  2. has anyone ever seen a qb check into so many bad plays?
  3. ga3 has looked like more of a rb than anyone else on the roster the last 2 weeks
  4. kelly does not call plays.....he's communicating with coaches in the press box
  5. You know what? I'm ok with that decision....I just can't stand listening to all these "joebots" out here in PA that automatically say this is because the ncaa has found fault in the Freeh report. They don't want to hear that it's because psu has tried to move forward from the paterno era and followed through on 115 of the 119 recommendations. All I get to hear now is how the next move is to reinstate joepas wins. I hope that never happens.
  6. Mechanicsburg, PA just outside Harrisburg
  7. I like how SI and ESPN can pick up every other b.s. opinion and semi-fact finding mission, but they haven't used teo's uncles interview
  8. You kid but I actually heard this same argument from more than a handful of psu fans these past few months. It wasn't fair, nd has a weak schedule, they don't play a conference championship, they wouldn't be undefeated in a conference, etc. I jus sit back and laugh at them. My only response to them is their arguments against ND are all opinion based (they would lose to this school, everyone on their schedule is overrated, etc). My responses are easy: fact: ND is a unanimous #1, has the #1 scoring d in the country, and has beat everyone they played. They usually get pretty angry after tha
  9. First time poster guys....love the site and been a die hard nd fan for all my 30 years. Couldn't agree more with psu fans I live in central pa and I've had to listen to these morons say similar things all year. At least sec fans can back up some of their reasons. These psu fans live in a box where nothing outside of Penn state football and Joe paterno are worthy of any praise.
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