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  1. https://www.si.com/college/notredame/.amp/football/notre-dame-football-report-to-get-big-tv-deal-remain-independent mentioned kind of in the middle of the article there
  2. Some rumors going around that ND and NBC are settling on a new contract that will pay $60M a year to stay. That would pretty much put the nail in for the immediate future that they would remain independent.
  3. Plus side, Freeman and the coaching staff expect Wilkins to be a go week 1. I would imagine not a full workload but who knows. At least that’s a depth piece that’s had some playing time
  4. I hate to see him switch back-and-forth but I second this. There were some other reports that Colzie was out of practice with a sleeve on his leg as well, but didn’t seem to be anything major
  5. Man that’s hard to see. I wish him all the best. The very definition of a team player with all the position switches he’s been through.
  6. Anyone see his interview comments with scorebooklive? “Right now with my commitment, all I know at this exact moment … is that I’m committed to the University of Notre Dame,” Keeley told Villamarzo. “I can’t really speak out on my favorites, but I know that I’m committed to the University of Notre Dame. “I’m focused on practices day-by-day, and whenever I get spare time at night, I talk with my family and my head coach [about] recruiting. All I know is that I’m committed to the University of Notre Dame.”
  7. Man, Diggs being back there for week 1 is a hell of a good surprise, even if he only gets limited snaps
  8. Man I remember the same reaction to Blake Barnett and look how he turned out. Good perspective to take
  9. Totally agree on the employee/employer relationship. If this is the route it goes down, you’re now an employee. Poor performer? You can lose your full ride and your spot. 4 year scholarships no longer exist and you’re now held to a contract. I know you’re in school now, but now you need to hold up your end of a contract you signed for a sport. Would like to see them giv ehewlth benefits and everything, but all the other “gimme gimme gimme” air around this isn’t a good thing
  10. what are you guys thoughts? I thought white and gold going into it…I like them. I like the video and hangover parody too
  11. It won’t stop there either. Slippery slope
  12. Was always on the remain Independent train, but I think the landscape of cfb is changing enough that ND needs to join a conference. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but sooner rather than later and now their coast to coast rivalries with USC can remain with the big10. I hate to say it, but it’s time to usher in a new era. Doesn’t change NDs history or what they stand for, but gotta adapt to the current climate
  13. Always have story by ND’s independence unless the landscape of cfb changes and necessitates that ND change. Having said that, I think that’s where this is going and the big10 makes sense. still enjoying all my ND hater friends by telling them ND is the hottest girl in school and everyone is trying to ask them to prom
  14. Fact of the matter is if ND put out the beacon to join a conference either one of them would fall over each other to bring them on. They’re a huge national brand worth millions and millions of dollars in revenue
  15. Really well said. The schools that already had boosters going Wild Wild West are just going to heighten that behavior with this amount of money being thrown around. Honestly I kind of wonder if any of these NIL deals have performance standards in them. Like Spencer Rattler losing the starting position at OK, I wonder if anyone puts any kind of stipulation that they could void those deals. If not, I’m sure it’s coming.
  16. I am all for these kids being able to make money of their own NIL, but anyone who didn’t see this swinging so far this way so quickly is out of their minds. wait until the boosters start yelling that these kids they’re paying need to be on the field
  17. I wonder if Osita Ekwonu gets another look like his brief appearance in camp last year. LB already seems like a pretty stacked position…
  18. He’s going to have a hell of a time selling LSU to top players in the south when Saban, Fisher, Smart, etc are leading the recruiting efforts for their schools and he decides to jump in when he feels like it
  19. Damn…rough break. Looking forward to seeing him on the field when he’s healthy I think he’s going to be a great all around back
  20. Agreed…last game of the year, I feel like Riley is going to adjust throughout the year and this is going to be a game
  21. Man, I was going to say that too. I don’t like that at all.
  22. I never thought he lived up to his rankings coming in even with all the starts and consecutive games. Dude parlayed it into a 10 year nfl career though, so all props to him
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