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  1. Really well said. The schools that already had boosters going Wild Wild West are just going to heighten that behavior with this amount of money being thrown around. Honestly I kind of wonder if any of these NIL deals have performance standards in them. Like Spencer Rattler losing the starting position at OK, I wonder if anyone puts any kind of stipulation that they could void those deals. If not, I’m sure it’s coming.
  2. I am all for these kids being able to make money of their own NIL, but anyone who didn’t see this swinging so far this way so quickly is out of their minds. wait until the boosters start yelling that these kids they’re paying need to be on the field
  3. I wonder if Osita Ekwonu gets another look like his brief appearance in camp last year. LB already seems like a pretty stacked position…
  4. He’s going to have a hell of a time selling LSU to top players in the south when Saban, Fisher, Smart, etc are leading the recruiting efforts for their schools and he decides to jump in when he feels like it
  5. Damn…rough break. Looking forward to seeing him on the field when he’s healthy I think he’s going to be a great all around back
  6. Agreed…last game of the year, I feel like Riley is going to adjust throughout the year and this is going to be a game
  7. Man, I was going to say that too. I don’t like that at all.
  8. I never thought he lived up to his rankings coming in even with all the starts and consecutive games. Dude parlayed it into a 10 year nfl career though, so all props to him
  9. Man, agreed. With Keeley and the rest of this cycle I almost forget about him but I’m high on him. I always thought of him as a little like George Karlaftis out of Purdue but I think he’s bigger already so I’m off there
  10. Random question guys, but have any of you guys happened to have problems finding jerseys for ND anywhere online? I just started looking for a new one for me and my kid since he’s outgrown his, but not many places have them. Even through the bookstore website is slim pickings there
  11. Man, feels good to get involved in more ND sports. Vols coach has a very punchable face and crybaby outbursts all game
  12. Just saw he plans on being back on campus this weekend to help recruiting with the ‘23 and ‘24 classes. What a difference this makes to have a stub qb that wants to build it up around him rather than hoping and chasing
  13. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/34031158/notre-dame-update-victory-song-lyrics-include-daughters glad we’re tackling the important issues and being inclusive in the fight song
  14. Pretty sure he’s set the weekend after, 6/17. Wish he would be there for the 10th though that’s a huge weekend
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