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  1. Picked up Wisconsin grad transfer Jack Coan
  2. They also played 10 games vs. 5 That’s a world of difference
  3. I don’t know how much to read into it, but Clark Lea interviewed for the Vanderbilt HC position. Quite a few candidates did as well, but open up that checkbook ND!
  4. My favorite part about an ND win anymore is going to a Clemson football board and listening to them complain how bad ND is while ignoring the fact that ND punched them in the mouth and left way too many points on the board in that game. TigerNet has become my favorite comedy website
  5. Loved his attitude getting in Phil’s face
  6. 98% of penn st fans still blindly support paterno. I live near it. Hence why when Bill O’Brien took over, the fans were outside the players bus pulling up to their first home game chanting “joe pa-ter-no” It’s a f*cking cult.
  7. Yeah reporting again today about him, done for the season. That’s a huge loss
  8. Nothing I enjoy more than watching that cult school in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania lose. They allowed a football coach to run that town and school and ended up surprised when a kid f*cker ran rampant through disadvantaged kids while using the football program to commit those acts. For all those people that still worship that enabler paterno, just know he’s in the worst part of hell and no one outside the cult of penn st is ok with him. Hence why those cult fans will always point towards his “win total” and say he was vindicated for restoring wins.
  9. Lol I’ve been having a blast reading that board. Absolutely obsessed with ND now. According to that board, ND is a terrible team, shouldn’t be in the ACC, even if they lose in the ACC champ, Clemson deserves a 3rd shot at ND, etc etc
  10. Oh TigerNet.... Them ol’ southern boys on there have lost their minds. I just looked and it’s since been deleted but this morning there was a thread on how ND should be forced to forfeit for storming the field after the win. They’re still going about how there was no security there to stop the students from storming the field, not sure how they would stopped 11k-12k people with a few dozen security guards but yeah sure
  11. Jordan Johnson practicing with the big boys this week and receiving lots of praise. With the WR depth chart, time to get him some playing time
  12. 8 players out for today? Kind of expected at some point but could have done without the bad memories playing south florida before
  13. Probably a good matchup for IU then. Michigan’s offense doesn’t scare me at all.
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