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Community Answers

  1. Deion will pull some recruits. Basically telling them his kid is coming to be qb but then said he’s going to have to earn it, while telling the rest of the team they’re pretty much not in the plans is a kick in the nuts. I do think he’ll rebuild Colorado into respectable quickly going the Lincoln Riley route and just going ham on the transfer portal
  2. Now that wouldn’t be surprising. That account is a confirmed fake though. That profile photo on that account is pulled from a NY eye care practice
  3. Supposed fake…I wouldn’t put any belief into it anyway
  4. Good call and insight, Bellamy in the portal
  5. Agreed, especially since it looks like Clemson has officially moved on to Klubnik at qb based on the ACC championship game
  6. Seeing Gator Bowl against either Mississippi St or maybe South Carolina
  7. To be fair I was probably going to complain about whoever got that 4th spot. OSU’s best wins are against ND and penn st, who didn’t beat a ranked team all year. Don’t quite get that one
  8. Committee still on their annual gagging on Ohio state genitalia
  9. Couldn’t agree more about the part where kids have a pretty damn good idea of where they’re headed when they go in. Supposedly one player in the portal has already said Deion reached out and told him not to make any decisions because he’s taking the Colorado job and wants him when he goes. Part of the landscape of college football right now. Did see a report that the ND staff was caught off guard by the timing of Pynes announcement. I wonder is Buchners time table has been moved up and he’ll be a full go for the bowl game https://saturdayroad.com/notre-dame-fighting-irish/notre-dame-staff-reportedly-caught-completely-off-guard-by-drew-pyne-transfer-decision/
  10. Hope he gets all the time to paint his nails after that L he’s taking right now
  11. This season was ceiling level with Pyne as qb. There’s a reason Coan was brought in last year, there’s a reason Buchner beat him out in camp this year. Appreciate the effort and what you did Drew, but moving on for both parties is probably the best decision
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