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  1. I feel like this would push closer to super conferences (which I think is going to happen eventually anyway)
  2. Boosters are handing out money at every school, now they can give more and do it legally
  3. Putting that ND education to great use. Sounds like something that can be used in recruiting now. Former starting qb that is probably going to become incredibly wealthy because of his vision to start a company in an area that’s about to blow up
  4. Probably a loaded question, but what do you guys attribute to such a successful recruiting weekend with all these guys?
  5. Saw some crystal balls coming in for Nicholas Singleton. I’ve always seen Hayden but what’s your take on singleton over hayden?
  6. Didn’t even realize they were that size. Ziegler looks college ready and filled out
  7. Complete and utter failure by the coaching staff on this one
  8. My name is Matt and I’m in eastern PA, lived mostly along the Allentown-Philly corridor but also spent time out in the Harrisburg area. Lifelong Irish fan, family are all huge fans and our Saturdays revolve around the games in the fall. Earliest memories I have of ND is being 5 years old and watching ND win their last national title. Try to be a little more regular getting on but sometimes it’s rough with the job and kids. Always love coming on and reading through comments though. I gave up all other Irish forums after this one, I don’t think any others compare to DD
  9. Gotta say I was impressed with Mitchell Evans and Takacs at tight end. They’re stacked there. Thought Coan threw a little better deep than I expected. Defense was good and active. Buchner is the future (and may be sooner than later)
  10. Picked up Wisconsin grad transfer Jack Coan
  11. They also played 10 games vs. 5 That’s a world of difference
  12. I don’t know how much to read into it, but Clark Lea interviewed for the Vanderbilt HC position. Quite a few candidates did as well, but open up that checkbook ND!
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