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  1. Interesting….any other schools in play here Big?
  2. That’s a monster, huge, f’ing fantastic hire!
  3. We don’t know that he was offered the job. Reports were that ND was zeroing in on him. Haven’t seen a confirmed offer anywhere
  4. I’m hearing the same things. Some of us need to step back from the ledge a little bit. If the issue was that he wanted to bring some of his coaches and we are already set there than it is what it is. I don’t think this is a who is our second choice or third choice situation.
  5. Well said. It sucks to lose him but I think Freeman still being there will be a positive for any defensive recruits. A defensive line coach is replaceable. I have to agree with faith above that he had his shot at defensive coordinator and it was not a pretty bowl game
  6. Nice. Seeing a lot of that from people at Clemson and Baylor that he’s been impressive. Sure as hell beats Del
  7. Interesting. Don’t know much about him as a coach and didn’t hear his name at all
  8. Yikes. What a disappointment Cain Madden was this year. I was so pumped when he transferred. I was wrong.
  9. Yes wr is an issue. Of course it is. But you don’t turn down an ability to improve at any position.
  10. Yeah well said. Let’s say no one else comes in and Buchner wins the job as expected. I think Pyne would stay, but what if he doesn’t? That qb room becomes awfully suspect after Buchner
  11. Yeah he’s a highly thought of wr coach, another younger guy that players seem to love playing for.
  12. Well said! experience cfb player, all-American, instant starter. This is the equivalent of getting a guy like Foskey back. 5star+ recruits
  13. I wonder if these returners and adding Joseph is a harbinger to bring Watts back to WR with the lack of depth there
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