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  1. I agree Franco, there is no reason for the team not to be successful in the first year under kelly outside of injuries at some key spots. But I think this team sets up very nicely for a huge run in 2011. Especially if Floyd is still around.
  2. So many kids that could be back in 2011. This will be a transition year no doubt, but I think the roster sets up for a big second year.
  3. Multiple kids are going to transfer out this year, it happens almost always after a coaching change, and Kelly is going to be a love him or hate him kind of guy imo for the players.
  4. Ill take my chances with these RKGs instead of being on here wondering why a team full of 5 and 4 star guys is going 6-6.
  5. Best of luck to him there, rather see him play at cal than the other schools he had on his list.
  6. Assuming his knee heals up properly he has a chance to put up some pretty good numbers this year.
  7. I dont blame either of them for leaving now, but can help but think that when they look back at their time at ND their biggest accomplishments on the football field will be winning a bowl game and ending the streak against BC.
  8. Carrol, Stoops, Meyer, Mack Brown, Les Miles Coaches that have won the last few NC, any of those schools get a coach that had been big time before they got them? Some had good backgrounds but nothing at a big time program as a head coach. Kelly has been a head coach for a while now, and he has won at he college level, ill take that over some OC or DC.
  9. Lewis has 17 carries in one quater lol Only on pace for 68 carries
  10. I know it sucks losing a top DL recruit every single year, but when your teams record is 16-21 over the last 3 years these kids are going to look elsewhere. Education or not playing on a losing team isnt fun. Get a coach that wins 9+ games on a regular basis and its going to be a lot harder for the meyers of the world to tell these kids not to come to ND.
  11. The upside of Kelly is hard not to get excited over. Bottom line is the guy has won at each stop in the college ranks and thats something the past hires havent had on their resume. I do wonder what kind of defense he would have at ND, but Seeing what he has done with 2 and 3 star guys it doesnt worry me that much.
  12. God I hope the new coaches can recruit on the DL, because ND would have an all american line with all the guys that have jumped ship the last few years!
  13. Because he has been a HC for years and won at every stop in the college ranks. Meyer wasnt exactly getting studs to go to Utah and and BG(ranking wise at least) and then look what happened when he got to a big time school. Kelly may not get the exact same results, but he will be able to get some studs to play for him.
  14. Ok here is why things are different this time around. Just for the sake of this lets say Kelly ends up with the job. Offensively the team will be deeper. Its not just Quinn at QB, Walker at RB, and then 2 talented WR. OL has the talent, just need the right coach for them, Kelly worked with FAR less at all his other stops. Overall the team is much deeper on offence this time around, but still some holes. Defensively its a bigger question, but I still think there is more talent and depth. Hopefully some of the kids from the 2008 class can step into the open spots. Other huge factor is going to the recruiting class during the coach change. The 2005 was very bad. . . . . as long as the new coach is picked sometime this month a lot of the current kids will stay, and a few more will jump on. SO is the team stacked with Weis leaving? Not a chance, but almost every position has more depth than when he came in.
  15. Cant believe this team went 6-6 with this schedule. BUT im another part of me is happy because if the team went 9-3 Weis probably stays around for another year.
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