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  1. He hasn't tried to get them trough Addmission yet.
  2. There are no divisions in the ACC this year so the two teams with the best record go to the title game. If teams are tied then it goes to head to head vs common opponent. The tie breaking gets way more confusing after that. Chances are we won't have teams tied at the end. My worry is Miami....if we lose to Clemson we can't lose by more than Miami did.
  3. The question is....do we want to beat Clemson at home? Obviously I would love to beat Clemson but if we do and then we win out we will face Clemson again in the ACC champ. Beating a team twice in one season is very hard. It might actually be better for us to lose a close game at home and then win the ACC title.
  4. Several Protest have been well over 16,000. Did you see the March on Washington this past weekend? 50k+
  5. I have friends that are Wisconsin alums so we were all set to go to Lambeau before this all happened. I was so bummed.
  6. It looks like we will actually have a season. Has anyone heard what the attendance plan is? I would really love to go to the FSU game.
  7. Thank you for the calm and concise response. I basically agree with everything you said. I want everyone's vote to count too, we just have a difference of opinion on how to secure that. Also I'm not 100% on a true democracy because if the past 20 years have taught us anything it's people are easily controlled. But you know what, it's a beautiful thing that we live in a country that allows us to have those different opinions.
  8. You right vs left people crack me up. When will you learn that neither "side" is on your side. Cognitive bias running rampant in this thread. So is the MAC still canceled or what?
  9. Require ID to vote?? You sir are a monster.
  10. I don't understand the sarcasm, he didn't say anything that's not factual. The fatality rate in the US for 18-39 years of age is .06% for 18-29 it's .02% and that takes into account everyone not super healthy athletes. Of course I don't want anyone to die but to his point of acceptable risk is valid, we balance acceptable risk every day. If we keep this open up/close down thing going and the economy completely crashes you will see deaths from that. It's a balance we have to figure out and it's not going to be easy but we can't escape it.
  11. Why even add anything political? Politics aside, I live near Tampa and some guy was on the radio this morning saying he owns a security company and he signed a contract with the NFL yesterday to provide 500 security guards for the Super Bowl, so the NFL def thinks they are going to have a season.
  12. I thought this very same thing, I don't know why Chip Long takes no blame for this. Our offense only works well against lesser opponents and is easily negated by athletic defensive line or a field with bad footing. This is why we looked so bad against Miami, Clemson and Michigan. We are the worst screen passing team I've ever seen in my 30+ years of watching football and we have zero vertical game. I would have no issues game planning against our offense.
  13. He was clearly hurt and Gilman was smart enough to tell him to take a knee. I have to do this during soccer all the time when a guy is limping around and is too stubborn to go down so we can get him out of the game.
  14. What happens if.... ND wins out. Clemson wins out. Michigan wins out. and Alabama loses to GA in the SEC title? No way they don't put in the SEC champ or a 1 loss Bama.
  15. Haha...if you put this up in reference to my request, I knew it was Kevin White but it kept telling me I was wrong and then I realized I was using the wrong user name.
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