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  1. Looks like Harvard is coming for everyone! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_universities_by_number_of_billionaire_alumni
  2. That’s the way to be. It’s a privilege to watch them play and root for ND but it shouldn’t result in self torture over things we have no control over. Says a lot about folks who can’t be anything but negative, amongst other fans who likewise have no control or power over the situation. Enjoy the good moments, and don’t sweat the bad ones. Tomorrow is another day. PS - and if that makes me an “ignorant fan” or whatever, that’s fine. I don’t get paid to know anything about the game and have never claimed to know a whole lot. No skin off my back.
  3. Well said. It's like... your wife cheats on you and leaves. But your parents admonish you for her departure because she was so good at laundry. Meanwhile we're just like - well yea maybe, but she cheated and left, who cares how good she was at other stuff? All that is out the window. But some people just have to continue to be negative. They don't want ND to succeed, unless they are "right" when they do. And when they don't it doesn't matter so long as they are "right" about their opinions. It's a really weird dynamic. But it makes me root for CMF that much harder. I can't imagine anyone here is taking this loss nearly as hard as he is. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy to be "ok" with what just happened. It's a process and it requires a little bit of patience.
  4. The only people who feel this way are irrational, unreasonable, entitled "fans." That's not a coach that you describe - it's a drill sergeant. If I'm a player or a parent picking a coach - "just win" is not the only metric. In fact, that would be a huge red flag and that coach can go find a different player, one who only cares about winning and not about anything else. This is Notre Dame. A school that has *never* been about "just winning." I can't believe you haven't realized this up to this point but it explains why you're so grating and negative all the time. You're rooting for the wrong school and for the wrong reasons and taking your frustration out on people who aren't as lost in their ways as you are.
  5. So I've been watching Ted Lasso basically on repeat for the last few weeks. And today's game reminded me of the phrase, "it's the hope that kills you." This game gave hope, confidence, and even swagger to ND fans in the first half and then saw it all ripped away in the 2nd half. Frankly, watching the game it felt like OSU was the BK-led ND teams in Miami and Michigan. Flat, uninterested. Then they stormed back, adjusted, and ripped our hearts out. So I think there needs to be some grace for ND fans who are feeling that, but with that said - I wholeheartedly and unequivocally agree with your points. The binging I've done on Ted Lasso has driven my current attitude of empathy and patience for this very new coach and his young staff and young team. It's a bit embarrassing, seeing the commentary from fellow ND fans today, but I do understand some of it. And no one seems to be mentioning the fact that our ST coach left and ST was literally the difference in this game, with the missed field goal. That's not an excuse, as there are plenty of other excuses to offer, but I prefer optimism and hope over kneejerk overreactions and hyperbole. This team and Notre Dame will be fine. They will bounce back. I only hope the fans who are feeling so negative right now, do as well.
  6. I know there's no moral victories here but didn't ND put up more points on OSU than anyone else this year? And that makes Tommy a bad OC? Granted I have him on ignore so I don't see nor want to see every word he posts, but that's the gist I got from some of the quotes I see, anyway.
  7. Aside from a ball I think he could have caught - Styles was impressive. Colzie will get more opportunities, also. Mayer is an all-world TE but is still human, and had at least one drop, but he delivered when needed, time and time again. Coan is going to be missed. Again, he's not perfect, but he put the team on his shoulders and led some impressive drives. Doing all that in a 1-dimensional offense is impressive, regardless of the outcome. I, too, hope he gets a look as a backup in the NFL. He had some errant throws, but who wouldn't with what, 68 attempts or whatever it was? Foskey played really well in the first half, but seemed to be neutralized in the second half. This game was entertaining, if nothing else. And while this may sound like blashphemy, especially so soon after it, but can we all just remember - we are watching a game. We, as fans, have no control over the outcome or the execution. If what they say is true, no press is bad press - this game will be talked about for a long time. Some good, and a lot bad. But it shows where we need to get better on D (LB speed, Lewis I'm sad to say got picked on all game and ND seemed to do nothing to help that), but it also shows the youth this particular starting roster and the top of the coaching staff is flush with. The biggest disappointment is that people would rather say "I told you so" than keep any remnant of optimism or hope alive. No excuses, the 2nd half was abysmal. But if we truly think this one half of football will define ND for the next 10 years? That sounds pretty miserable, and I hope the jeering dies down a bit.
  8. I agree, and feel I’d rather have that than them coming out flat.
  9. I think it absolutely matters. Apple isn’t so successful just because of their hardware or software, it’s the culture, brand, and identity they created for their users around the product. This is big business, CFB, not “just football” anymore. IMO. probably really low hanging fruit but - win a big, meaningful game like a CFP game or Championship, in addition to what you said. unfortunately that’s all I’ve got so far. Good thread!
  10. So sorry to hear about your father. I hope he pulls through whatever has him in the ICU. Not a good way to spend Christmas, but at least you can be by him, from the sound of it.
  11. Happy for both of them, and can't wait to see them on Sundays. To turn a phrase from a certain, fictional Director of Football Operations - Good programs hope players leave early and draft high. Great programs expect players to leave early and get drafted high. It's good for the program and for the players, and I know they'll do all they can to get their replacements ready and fired up on gameday. I expect a very different energy coming out of ND on 1/1/2022.
  12. I feel the same. Also don’t think it’ll be 4-5 years or rather, I hope it’s not that far off. Get an elite QB and the math changes drastically. Or, maybe, develop one into that… nah that’s crazy talk
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