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  1. I remember a very similar thread, but I don't recall the threat being made by that username. Now I'm curious, lol. Yea it was morgandonor, I'm nearly certain. At least from the thread I recall which was also about fighting in a parking lot, and I think it was a tailgate scenario too.
  2. I appreciate that. I can safely say everyone here would have loved Gary - Irish fan for life, lived a good life in Vegas, and while highly classified at the time, was heavily involved in the development of one of our most advanced war planes to wind down his career in the Air Force. He was something of a super hero to me as a kid
  3. Lost my uncle yesterday. He did have severe, underlying issues but he was on the road to recovery, in the hospital, then came down with COVID and never recovered. He was in his mid to late 60's and suffered from Parkinson's so by no means a picture of perfect health, but still. I have an autoimmune comorbidity so I will be getting the vaccine as soon as my "group" is able to. Condolences and e-hugs to all who have lost loved ones, friends, acquaintances, jobs or whatever, related to this damned virus. Be safe all.
  4. Even if I don't feel good at all about saying it, I do think OSU vs Bama is going to be a fun game to watch. I absolutely am in the camp that OSU being in with only 6 games played sucks, and this season gets an asterisk for sure if they win it all but... I can't say I'm not entertained. So I suppose there is that.
  5. Same. But damn, they do look good and Clemson seems to be dropping like flies...
  6. That's where I am, too. We're not *really* Independent anymore. We're a national brand with intersectional rivalries and a lot of help from the ACC. All the major programs recruit nationally, televise nationally, and have fans and boosters... nationally. ND is no exception. And in all fairness, if Clemson weren't so dominant AND were not part of the ACC, then the luster of an ACC affiliation is substantially diminished in my eyes. But... maybe new rivalries can take root, and old ones reignite (Miami, FSU)?
  7. If it is acknowledged that neither Independence nor Conference affiliation will have any impact on money or fans - or that any impact it has would be negligible and therefore irrelevant, I implore you to list out the competitive advantages of being Independent in 2020. Go on.
  8. Every powerhouse recruits nationally, and ND certainly has the budget and resources to do it. Would it not sit well with recruits to think they get to take shots at Clemson, FSU, NC and Miami, year in and year out, or every other year? I don't honestly see how joining the ACC would be a negative toward recruiting. Seems more like puffery from antiquated fans who honestly think the way forward is remaining independent. Such is life, but they'll either come around or they won't. ND will eventually be in a conference - this isn't the frickin' 70's anymore, no matter how many people wring t
  9. No kidding. Imagine being so triggered and bothered by something that has literally zero impact on anything around you besides their latent insecurity. Snowflakes, not just for the left any longer.
  10. Maybe I wasn't clear, wouldn't surprise me. I was referring to Kirk H and whoever the SEC Reporter was talking up ND after the game as "love." I wasn't saying Lebron was showing ND love. And I just want to say - I'm just relishing the good news and just about anything ND Football related today. Same team here all, not trying to argue over something silly like this.
  11. I think it's a situation where you have an innocuous tweet by a sports superfan who also happens to be a very well-known name himself, AND it was talked about live on ABC/ESPN during the broadcast, and then you have Kirk's comments this morning - it's just gone the "viral" route which things do these days. WGAF for sure but... why not embrace it? We're always talking about how ND is always being $hit on by ESPN and everyone outside the fanbase. Finally we see a little love coming in from all over the place and people want to act like it's nothing. I think it's kinda neat, personally.
  12. My buddies saw him quite a few times at the Backer over the years. Dude's a national treasure, IMO. I seem to recall quite a few back in the '05-'06 days, too.
  13. There's nothing to read into? You say he's a casual observer. I say my dad tweeting... would be a casual observer. I'm saying he's Lebron James, and to young kids excited about a school he just namedropped, that cannot hurt, and likely would help. Did I say we're suddenly going to get swamped with 5* signees? No. I said "that can only help in recruiting." Are you arguing it would hurt us? Because otherwise, there's no disagreement to be had. It's not that hard, and I don't know why you always have to argue about every little thing.
  14. That doesn't make a bit of difference IMO. A massive sports brand showing any name recognition for a school can only help. 16-18 year old kids eat that stuff up, and rightfully so.
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