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  1. .......is a prime example why you keep 4 scholarship QBs on the roster
  2. Who was the QB that tried to commit back in 2013 when golson was suspended?
  3. Why do we keep getting 3-stars?
  4. Hilliard is committing tmrw. Let's hope it happens.
  5. Why would we want Isaac when we have bryant and folston?
  6. He is a personal friend of mine. He wanted me to tell ND fans he misses ND football and he wishes things worked out differently. He said he wasn't adequately prepared for the rigors of ND. But he wishes ND, and the fans the best.
  7. People who argue online about where a 18 year old goes to college need to get a hobby.
  8. Probably a good decision. But I choose the path of not engaging the bigots here, sometimes I indeed fail though.
  9. Don't forget the reason for the season
  10. I hope that's not a premium legal perspective
  11. Ndnation is worse than uhnd. They are so far up there own *** it's unbelievable
  12. Look at BKs winning percentage. Nobody in their right mind can argue with that. Did any of us think going to a national championship game was possible in 2007 ? People who don't like Kelly obviously know very little about ND, and football in general
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