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  1. We can always point to a few examples, but Jersey Irish's point still stand, MOST coaches were not standout players, especially the top tier coaches. Guys like Major Applewhite, Graham Harrell, and Eric Bieniemy are the exceptions to the rule "Those who can't 'do,' teach"
  2. I was honestly never that high on Adams...The guy is like Jerry Rice in terms of speed VERY slow coming off the line (with Adams, almost clunky it seems), but once he gets going, Adams has great top end speed and will pull away from almost anybody With Jerry Rice, being slow off the line isn't that much of a detriment for a WR. Even on short routes, it's really about your route running more so than absolute stand-still acceleration But for RB, they absolutely need that burst so that they can hit those holes that tend to close up quickly
  3. jesus, he doesn't look it in that tweet featuring him in the Notre Dame uniform, but he's freakin huge. He's basically a fast TE edit: forgot to mention, I looked up some of his TDs
  4. I honestly think we should cut the regular season back down to 10 games, have the individual conference championship games (including Group of 5) as an automatic bid (11th game), and expand the playoff to 16 teams (10 automatic bids and 6 at-large). A few notes: - You can't have more than two representatives per conference, in the playoffs - 10 Games will be broken out as such: - First 3 games are OOC, kind of like the inter-conference tournaments of college basketball to determine the respective strengths of each conference for ranking (the polls still matter) - 5 Division games - 2 Cross-division games This way, the two finalists will have played a total of 15 games, just like in 2018 (I think adding more games to the slate is detrimental to college kids). If the season were to end right now (and with a bit of guessing of who will win their conference), it would look like this: #1 LSU (SEC Champ) vs #79 Miami (OH) (MAC Champ) #3 Clemson (AAC Champ) vs #25 App St. (Sun Belt Champ) #6 Oregon (Pac 12 Champ) vs #19 SMU (AAC Champ) #8 Minnesota (At-large) vs #16 Notre Dame #13 Baylor (Big 12 Champ) vs #10 Oklahoma #17 Cincinnati (At-large) vs #7 Utah (At-large) #21 Boise St. (MWC Champ) vs #4 Georgia (At-large) #47 FAU (Conf USA Champ) vs #2 OSU (Big 10 Champ)
  5. The problem is...Kelly HAS actually shown he can recruit top tier QB's Dayne Crist - 2007 Elite 11 (Kelly didn't recruit him, but just wanted to add to show the sheer amount of talent we've had at QB) Everett Golson - 2010 Elite 11 Gunner Kiel - 2011 Elite 11 Finalist Malik Zaire - 2012 Elite 11 Deshone Kizer - 2013 Elite 11 Finalist Brandon Wimbush - 2014 Elite 11 Avery Davis - 2016 Elite 11 Finalist The REAL problem is Kelly can't develop QBs. It's the Kelly Law: First year, his QB typically does well, second year, they regress, and then another QB controversy. Rinse and repeat for 10 years I've pointed this out many times before and had people jump down my throat when I said in 2017 that Wimbush was never going to be a good QB and first pointed to this alarming trend in Kelly's QB development We've had a break of Elite 11 QBs for a while because I think QB recruits were catching on. But it looks like we finally got another Elite 11 finalist in Drew Pyne of Class of 2020
  6. Just curious, how is Alabama getting stale, and what flaws has Clemson shown? (Keeping in mind that pretty much all teams have flaws, even in the NFL) edit: Forgot to chime in on OPs question... I'd say "No"...for a couple of reasons: 1. Kelly's history with QBs. I believe I brought this up back at the beginning of the 2017 season when I declared Wimbush a lost cause and got shredded for arguing 1) Kelly not having a good history with QBs and 2) Wimbush not panning out. But good to see people coming around on the Kelly thing. We already know what happened with Wimbush 2. Notre Dame's penchant for not being able to consistently move the ball on Top 25 teams. What I mean by that is that even when our offense was piling on yards and points, we seemed to really rely on big plays and seem to have a difficult time (given our talent level) to consistently move the ball 4-5 yards at a time. We also seem to have difficulty in picking up critical 4th and 1's against ANYBODY (again, relative to our talent level) (And this is only partly related and I'm not sure of the statistics on this, but we also seem to commit a lot of errors on 4th and 1's). That's why we moved away from Wimbush and went with Book in 2018. Book gave us a more consistent attack on offense. Unfortunately, the Kelly QB trend has reared its ugly head and Book has also regressed YOY Before people chime in with "but our 4th down conversion rate was ranked 18th in the country in 2018, and it's currently ranked 27th. I'm talking about critical 4th downs where we really needed to pick up the 1st down to continue our momentum or keep the ball away to continue bleeding clock
  7. I actually really enjoy Fox's CFB coverage I REALLY enjoy Gus Johnson's play-by-play; the guy gets me pumped up after TD's lol....I also enjoy Joe Klatt's objective analysis. I think we need to shift our partnership's. Athletic wear partnership needs to go to Nike. And Broadcast partnership needs to just get away from NBC...Fox or ESPN is better in terms of marketing their games and making them spectacles
  8. I honestly haven't been watching this season. I mentioned it in another thread, but my doctor says I need to get rid of unnecessary stress (among other things) and Notre Dame Football was deemed unnecessary stress lol But damn, we're already mid-season! Also, other than a flashy recruit here and there, I haven't followed recruiting at all really since the 2017 class
  9. O/U at 45? That seems like a slap in the face edit: I just noticed OP said the most in 30 years for Notre Dame....Probably means the spread is -45
  10. Honestly, probably a smart move on Bubba's part (I also completely forgot about him)
  11. Just because they did doesn't mean we should accept it I honestly forgot the exact game, but I remember a team pulling this against us and everyone was up in arms about it...everyone will care if it's done against their team.
  12. The second one was absolutely fake...in the replay you can see he was standing around just fine, then all of a sudden puts his hand by his eyes and falls down First one was actually more believable
  13. lol yup...I got over it But I should stress that the caliber of team that we like to think we are don't do this
  14. I said in another thread that I've been cooling off on ND Football to help with my stress levels (doctor's orders, among other things) In any case, I was still watching the game, but with tempered expectations. Right when a second Notre Dame defender (Bilal) faked an injury, I honestly turned off the TV I immediately thought we basically already lost if we have to resort to cheap tricks like that. That was really embarrassing and honestly the team deserved to get boo'd (you know we would do it if a team did that to us). They may still keep it close, but you essentially already lost the game if you have to do that.
  15. Honestly, I settle because it's better for my health and well-being. It's kind of funny, but I'm absolutely serious. My last checkup with my doctor wasn't so good, and one of the three things my doctor told me to do was to get rid of any unnecessary stress It's just the stress and nerves before a big game (and I'm not even playing!), and then getting distressed over bad plays or losses. Honestly, I'd rather not let a bunch of college kids dictate my life haha Having said that, I still love the team and school, and I wouldn't bemoan anyone who are still rabid fans. I honestly am just trying to alleviate as much stress out of my life as possible. And unfortunately, Notre Dame football was a pretty big contributor to that stress
  16. I've actually been thinking lately...people bitch about Kelly now, but we will look back on these like the "good ol days"...the days when we were getting 10+ wins, making it to the playoffs or big bowl (Peach is considered I think right under the major bowls), and for the most part, destroying teams we should be destroying We'll miss Kelly when he retires or the fan base drives him out
  17. oof...that one drive lasted literally most of the 3rd quarter. That's a soul crusher of a drive right there
  18. ahh that's a shame...3&11 down by 3 in 2OT I can honestly go either way (Army or Michigan winning), but I don't think Army pulls this one out. The longer this goes, the more Michigan's depth takes over They needed their kicker to drill that one edit: welp, there that goes
  19. Two factors here that will limit the team's success this year: 1) Defenses have more film on Ian Book so they can key in on his weaknesses 2) Brian Kelly's dreaded 2nd-year starting QB woes
  20. Knowing ND's recent history, we made Louisville look much better than they are and they'll probably for 4-8
  21. Yup...one example that continues to stand out in my head was 2011 vs. MSU They lined up Michael Floyd in the slot and MSU didn't adjust...he absolutely burned the LB assigned to him for a TD
  22. Is it worth it to stay in Chicago and take a bus to South Bend?
  23. oof...I should NOT have read that during a team status meeting I started tearing up in front of my team...I said my eyes were just red from staring at my screen all day I got you brother; I hope things get better, and please, please reach out if you need anything else edit: ohh, just saw the update..congrats! The above still applies =)
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