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  1. The bruery is in orange county, so is offshoot brewery which is actually an offshoot of the Bruery. They make really good hazy, juicy IPAs that even IPA haters would like. Also i think bottle logic is in OC.
  2. Lol, you obviously haven’t lived in Indiana long if you don’t hate Michigan more than USC
  3. Are you still in California or did you move?
  4. FYI, every player that is committed in the 2019 class other than Hamilton and kristofic are composite ranked in the top 275 overall. Hamilton and kristofic were also chased by darn near every blue blood program in the country. At this point in the year I don’t think you could ask for a better start. If the team produces on the field it will only get better.
  5. IMO, Michigan is king when in comes to Beer in this part of the country.
  6. Nd has to recruit similarly to Stanford. Top 50 5 Star wde aren’t lining up to come here for many reasons. We are or need to be a blue collar Wisconsin/Stanford type of team and recruit the same type of guys imo. I think the staff is doing a better job in recent terms of identifying this and going after guys we can realistically get, yet not shutting out the top 50 guys that are longshots.
  7. Jai Alai is a solid beer, they make a white oak version of it that i bet you would love.
  8. Uplands wheat ale is a year around beer i believe. Upland has some really good sours as well.
  9. Message me, I’ve got several things you may be interested in. Dogfishead world wide vanilla, cigar city stuff and others.
  10. I think you promote lea. He seems like a really smart guy and the players love him. He knows the scheme and he’s young.
  11. This is a call you’ll have to make. I’m going to open my bottle soon as I can’t wait since I’ve never had it and this is the first time they’ve brewed it in five years. My best advice would be to drink it now and go find some more to sit in the cellar lol
  12. It happens. Sometimes they just dont age well. Ive got probably 50 or so down in the basement and keep adding to my cellar. Ive got a FFF darklord down there as well that i plan on popping in May. Im not sure if you can get it up there, but you should look for Founders CBS if you guys got it and there is still some around you should grab some.
  13. I broke out a bomber of Goose island bourbon county brand stout from 2015 and a bomber of cigar city marshall zhukov vanilla hazlenut stout. Both were fantastic. My cellar collection has a few that need to be drank in the next few months.
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