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  1. Lol wtf is happening here? I feel like they can't run on us.. which means we will win. Irish by 9.. in a weird game.
  2. I get your point - was mainly posting for the joke. Terrified for what's on the horizon for this squad. However, I disagree to a certain extent. If we win every game this year by 1 point, we're national champs. But, the odds of that happening based on what I've seen so far is equal to the odds of Al Davis actually picking up a phone.
  3. You sold me. Consider this wagon hitched to the ascending rocketship that is Tommy Rees.
  4. I just googled TR and I swear to God - I had no idea he was our qb coach for a couple years before being named OC. My bad. However, I think that speaks to just how forgettable this man is. He is George Michael's gf "Egg" from Arrested Development. A loaf of bread in the cooler with a hole in the plastic casing where the melted ice seeps through. That is what I equate him to. Wet bread. Who do I pick as my OC? Someone with any sort of spark/track record - and if I was tasked with such a search, and the time/payment to do so - I can't imagine I would've landed on ol' soggy rye as my number 1.
  5. I have this weird feeling we are just gonna keep beating teams by 1-2 points all year.. and then January happens. Again.
  6. Stats like that are impressive when Freeman is doing them as DC at Cincy with subpar talent - which is why he earned his current role. Tell me we couldn't have done better in our OC pursuit than.. whatever the hell this is. And if you believe he is the offensive genius you think he is - with the talent put in front of him - great. Agree to disagree. I probably would've sought out someone who was.. I don't know.. innovative or deserving of the role. Or who had been a positional coach of any kind. Or who was a talented player in college. You've watched the same 2 games I have - and tell me you aren't just as frustrated as me.. and you believe in Tommy "4 hairs short of a real mustache" Rees.
  7. We finally have speed, Faith.. and this dude is just squandering it away. I've seen 1 screen (fsu) and 0 counters so far. How is this possible? That's where we should eat. Watched the game today at a buddy's place with a group of Irish fans.. asked them after the final whistle - have you seen any remarkable plays on offense so far that weren't made by the players? Crickets.
  8. Glad we snatched Tommy up before all other powerhouses even knew he existed as a coach. Nobody was seeking TR to take a gig even remotely close to OC at ND.. and here we are. The offensive genius equivalent of me playing Madden at 2:30 am on a Tuesday.
  9. Against 2 subpar teams. I watched the ole miss game on Monday and salivated. Tell me we shouldn't be doing that with the talent on this roster. Jump balls, up the guts, and TE out routes - this is what I've seen so far. That speed we have at wr? Apparently best utilized in 50/50 jump balls from Coan. Nobody can convince me Rees deserved this position - and the reason coaches need to work their way up the ranks is manifesting itself in front of you.
  10. A fire Rees thread is much more appropriate. He has no business being in this position, and everything I've seen so far has been the most milquetoast bs of all time. Blame the o line, blame the rbs, blame the wrs - whatever - but Mr. Magoo is driving the Ferrari.
  11. Domerdomain is dead. Let it die. The only question at this point is where do we go to get it back? Maybe the Micah Parsons fan owner can direct us. Smdh.
  12. Cory - long time no talk, man - hope all is well.
  13. Venables is gonna load the box, and our biggest strength will be taken away. Hope we can find a way to stretch the field to keep them honest.
  14. We basically have for 4 games. Avg of 175 passing yards per game means we are a kyren squad.
  15. In regards to 4 - who would you rather lose, Kelly or Lea? I am so bummed we are gonna lose him.. wish he could just be our HC now.
  16. Rust was a tiny thing.. but we absolutely dominated tonight. Fun game to watch.
  17. Lol... these meltdowns are amazing. Does anyone ever actually believe we are one of the 4 best teams in the nation? I really, truly, honestly wish I did.. but we just aren't. And we won't be.. forever. I love ND so GD much.. but this is what we are.. swinging highs and sweeping lows. Accept it and be ok.
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