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  1. Domerdomain is dead. Let it die. The only question at this point is where do we go to get it back? Maybe the Micah Parsons fan owner can direct us. Smdh.
  2. Cory - long time no talk, man - hope all is well.
  3. Venables is gonna load the box, and our biggest strength will be taken away. Hope we can find a way to stretch the field to keep them honest.
  4. We basically have for 4 games. Avg of 175 passing yards per game means we are a kyren squad.
  5. In regards to 4 - who would you rather lose, Kelly or Lea? I am so bummed we are gonna lose him.. wish he could just be our HC now.
  6. Rust was a tiny thing.. but we absolutely dominated tonight. Fun game to watch.
  7. Lol... these meltdowns are amazing. Does anyone ever actually believe we are one of the 4 best teams in the nation? I really, truly, honestly wish I did.. but we just aren't. And we won't be.. forever. I love ND so GD much.. but this is what we are.. swinging highs and sweeping lows. Accept it and be ok.
  8. Stop with Finke. Seriously. Sick of these cute plays/forcing it to him.
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