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  1. I am also interested in what’s going on here.
  2. My guess is that the reporters basically already know their choices and they are just waiting to press submit on their pre-written articles.
  3. I had forgotten that Irv Smith vs IU! So good!!
  4. How would that work with Irvin and likely Limar?
  5. Would ND take Siereveld, Jagusah, Absher, and Freeling if all 4 wanted to commit? Total of 5 OL with Pendleton.
  6. My sense is that scheduling this is all about Tennessee State being a historically black college and is similar to ND basketball playing Howard on MLK Day. It is amazing exposure for these colleges and the importance of these schools. It is very likely that ND’s black head coach, assistants, players, and recruits also find this personally very important and that, in turn, helps ND. For these reasons, I don’t mind it.
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