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  1. Is there a way to make my font larger?
  2. I see Michigan and Penn State just offered Stokes. Perhaps that is good news for ND for the top backs that were considering those schools and ND?
  3. What about the new format is better on the phone/tablet? Seems about the same to me in that regard, but maybe I am missing something?
  4. That article had a blank to add the date. Seems to me like it was accidentally released.
  5. Can anyone list them left to right? A few are obvious, but I no clue about others.
  6. “Rocket” is Florida State, I believe.
  7. I was in high school and a virgin in 1993. I was invited to go to a road trip & college party with some friends, but turned them down to watch the ND vs Boston College game. 2 of them lost their virginity on that trip while I watched ND lose and I didn’t lose my virginity for another 13 months.
  8. 1988 team beat teams that ranked #2, #4, #5, and #7 in the FINAL rankings. 3 more games to go this year, but it may stack up.
  9. I see Pete Werner is also on the list. If I remember correctly, he was originally an ND commit before flipping to OSU.
  10. Sports Illustrated named him their top tight end. https://www.si.com/college/notredame/recruiting/notre-dame-cane-berrong-nations-best-tight-end
  11. Faith - I miss your notes of the press conference highlights. So much better than watching.
  12. Only missing Washington, North Dakota, Alaska, and a few New England states.
  13. The notes are definitely appreciated!! Thank you.
  14. I did not see the recruiting budget article. Were private universities included?
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