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  1. I imagine there will be a replay in the next day or so. I’ll just watch that.
  2. Wish I could watch but don’t have peacock premium.
  3. This is where I think ND can compete with the southern oil money. sure hope someone is facilitating a call between Damon Williams and Dante.
  4. It would, but he's not going there. LSU signed a 5-star last year and Moore's not going there to sit. I'd be more worried about Bayou Brian feeding Moore and Tate all of ND's skeletons in one final FU to ND.
  5. Also the weekend of NDs spring game.
  6. I agree ND is doing everything they can within the rules. As it should be. I don’t expect them to break the rules. That said, it does put them at a disadvantage, as it always has, with certain players being attracted to bag men. We’ve always been at a disadvantage to those schools. Also, Tenn may get punished some day for the Nico deal, but I doubt it. And it got them one of the top 3 QBs in the class and maybe the best WR in the class. but Completely agree ND is doing a great job within the intended rules of NIL.
  7. It is, but that doesn't mean other schools aren't doing it and that obviously kids are listening. I'd imagine if anything gets curbed by the NCAA (it probably won't), it will be this part. How? I have no idea. As long as they can get money at some point, there is ways around it. But, more and more states are starting to pass NIL rules for high school kids, so where can they interject? I'd be super curious to see these contracts and what "outs" these boosters have. What happens if a kid underperforms? You're telling me these shady boosters are still going to pay him 6 or 7 figures to be a scrub on the bench who didn't live up to his billing? As we've talked about, it's the wild west and the market will have to adjust in the next few years, but for now, ND is going to miss on some kids they otherwise might have gotten with an "even" playing field.
  8. For those waiting on pins and needles, Vizz committed to Clemson, as expected.
  9. I had no clue....oh wait, it's what I've been saying all along. It seems to me ND felt they had Moore locked up and would just confirm everything on his recent Unofficial. They were hoping to get Moore to shut down the idea of future visits, especially OVs. That didn't happen. That begs the question, why not? There's also speculation he may visit schools that are deep in the NIL recruiting game (Texax A&M), that's worrisome to me cuz who wouldn't listen to that conversation even if you wanted to go to another school more. Even though ND may very well end up with Moore, the longer this drags on the worse it is for a variety of reasons. I'm still hopefully they can get Moore but ND has been scorned a lot in this situation before.
  10. I think as it stands now, Moore is higher rated. But, it's super early for the '24 kids and not a lot of rankings exist at this point so it's tough to compare apples to apples. That said, Sayin is getting rave reviews for his mechanics and decision making and performances at camps. I think it was Matt Freeman who said Sayin' impressed him more at this point than Moore did the year prior. But remember, he's only probably 15 years old. The knock on him is he's only 6' right now. If he grows a few more inches and stays on the same trajectory, he could be the #1 overall prospect in the class.
  11. Do u think Sayin or Carr look elsewhere if we get Moore?
  12. Because if they don’t get Dante, we’ll have to settle, at best, for a second or third tier QB. Which means we continue to lose to the Alabama’s of the world by 30. im not blaming them for shooting for the Dante’s of the world, it’s just risky if u swing and miss.
  13. It’s Moore or bust at this point.
  14. Oh I completely agree it’s bad if we miss on Moore from a lot of perspectives. CJ Carr is who I was referring to. I think most ppl assume Meatchicken but sounds like ND has a fighting chance.
  15. Also ND is in good position with two top QBs next year. This is really only a huge problem if Buchner doesn’t pan out.
  16. This is definitely disappointing and gets scary. ND put all their eggs in the Moore basket and if he spurns us, based on this timeline, there will likely be no top quality kids to go after. he very well may still pick ND but u have to believe NIL is a consideration at this point. I feel the Moore’s have a solid process and understand the bigger picture, and want to be sure about their decision, but precedents have been set with other top QB recruits and they’d be crazy not to explore all options. ND isn’t going to play the bag game and that puts them at a disadvantage in today’s recruiting game.
  17. ND getting cheeky on social media.
  18. Robby Toma commented that it was hard to “flip the switch” after mass on Saturday morning mass. Though that obviously depends on the individual.
  19. Yikes that’s some scary data. We need to find a couple WR in the portal, no doubt.
  20. Joe Wilkins out again with a broken foot. Dude can’t catch a break.
  21. Right, I get that. But, what does that conversation even look like? Say Vizz wanted to commit? "Hold on, let me call Dante and see if he will commit first?" or, "We love you both but Dante gets first right of refusal". Honestly, I can't imagine being an adult, pampering these kids and having to have these types of conversations with them. I don't envy them at all. It's like having two girlfriends that know each other and you're constantly trying to convince each of them which is hotter, haha.
  22. Maybe not scorned, but let me ask you, if you were a prized recruit, how would you feel knowing that a school wanted another player more, and then when they couldn't seal the deal, they came back to you for sloppy seconds?
  23. That may be, but I think that bridge was burned with whatever happened a month ago with the scheduled visit never happening. It's clear ND prioritized Moore over VIzz and I'd assume Vizz feels scorned. Tough to come back from.
  24. Yikes, that tells me ND no longer feels comfortable with where this is heading with Moore. Or they are trying to put pressure on Moore in a first come, first serve basis.
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