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  1. I can’t wait until these boosters are carrying the bag for multiple NIL flops and teams are coming back asking for more money… or these boosters are telling which coaches should play to get a ROI
  2. Certainly zero margin of error there too.
  3. This season 100% relies on the shoulders of TB12. There are lots of good pieces around him. Defense should keep us in most games. Running game and OL should be good. WR depth is a question mark but there is potential. Can TB12 take a huge step forward? If so 10-2 or 11-1 are within reach. If not 8-4 or 9-3 seems likely.
  4. That’s my disappointment take away from the whole Moore thing. He’s entitled to do what he wants and it’s his decision, but it’s hard not to believe he “lead the ND staff on” and that a commitment was imminent, which caused them to turn down Vizz’s spring visit and interest to fade. We all know how that’s turned out. ND put all their eggs in one basket again and it looks like it will burn them, again. Fortunately, it seems Carr is in the bag which eases the wound. But we need TB12 to pan out in a big way the next 2-3 years.
  5. My guess is it has to do with James not playing the camp circuit game. So much of evaluations is that, commitments/visits to drive buzz/views, etc and nothing to do with skill level.
  6. At that to the fact that kids can now transfer without penalty and it's no big deal.
  7. I think it gives ND more leverage than it had before.
  8. Talk about losing credibility…
  9. Haha, nothing would make me feel better than getting Lloyd Carr’s grandson. Next question is can he reclassify? Seems Moore is doing Moore’s thing, and he’s entitled to that, but time ND applies some Pressure and gets rid of the first writ of refusal.
  10. To add another layer on this $hit show
  11. Not that I expect to land him but ND is certainly swinging for the fences.
  12. Agreed, I'm all for players making money that they are owed and earned. But this whole going after high school kids, getting them to commit to X school and we'll give you a million dollars thing, isn't what it NIL was intended for. But as you said, unless they are willing to enforce the rules, it doesn't matter. And any "rules" the NCAA tries to enforce and punishment they try to dole out is one step closer to schools telling the NCAA to pound sand and we'll form our own league.
  13. He must have gotten somE bad advice. Wish more kids would hold off signing with an agent and be allowed to come back.
  14. Found on the clearance rack at Walmart…
  15. Fair enough. Think he’s got a ton of potential so I hope so.
  16. I think ND still leads but I also think everyone thought he was locked up and would commit soon. That didn’t happen. Now it sounds like he wants to take all his OVs. Maybe he’s a take no matter what but he could be left in the cold if others commit sooner.
  17. From what I gather, HH identified Sam outside of the previous staff's evaluations and made him a priority. Would love to add Freeling, Absher and Jagusah. The latter might be trending away though.
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