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  1. Can’t really get on Rees if Moore was a “silent”. Bummer that Moore flaked out.
  2. I like your optimism on this. Can’t say I share it.
  3. Over 2.3 million views at this point!
  4. Fantastic job by ND and all involved in that. Very cool. If Freeman can coach half as good as he’s doing everything else, kids will be crawling over themselves to play for ND.
  5. We’ll, anything can happen with a visit. So that’s good.
  6. No idea on Johnson, but Arnold had a committable offer and the staff was pushing for one before the whole Moore thing and he chose OU over ND.
  7. Rankings are part about ability (if they weren’t, they’d have no credibility), and part about driving clicks, camp attendance, offer lists, markets, political, bias, etc. it’s very common for early commits to drop and kids who don’t do the camp circuits to drop. For instance, not having Vernon in the top 200 is absolutely crazy.
  8. There seems to be a little traction here.
  9. I would hope that helps with Love.
  10. From what I’ve gathered, he had in fact told the staff he was committed last February. They wanted him to go public with it in April. He kept pushing it off. The staff even kept moving other kids schedules around to accommodate Moore’s April announcement. Sounds like dad never wanted him at ND. Dante did and said if he had it to do over again he’d pick ND. Car wanted to commit even earlier and had no problem with Moore being committed. When Moore started waffling and the reclassification talk started, that was sort of the end. there’s even one rumor Moore’s wanted money for visiting during the Blue and Gold game. like they say, watch what they do, not what they say.
  11. Kind of interesting to read how it all went down from the “insiders”.
  12. Enjoy the NIL money (probably more than most of us will make in a lifetime) and obscurity of the Pac6
  13. I think that’s the concern, unless the playoffs expands beyond 4 teams, that everyone else will be left out of the conversation except the top teams in these “super conferences “
  14. Kind of oddly quiet I feel like. Which is good from an injury standpoint, but rough on is that like updates on team progress.
  15. Going 3 for 6 on that list seems likely. That puts us at 21. Not sure who We go after for the other 3 to 4 slots.
  16. For sure. and some kids will come out of nowhere their senior years and warrant a look, especially with COVID restrictions the past two years.
  17. I’m curious on this too. The “big board” at this point is really only a handful of guys, all Of which ND has a good shot at. So maybe they aren’t concerned with expanding the board as it probably puts them close to the 25 they want. And they can focus on just keeping the class together and move on to ‘24 kids. Crazy considering we’re only in July.
  18. I haven't seen much of anything, but I don't pay for any info, so maybe there is more there. I've seen a couple Pyne camp videos but nothing on TB12.
  19. Agreed, especially with his style of play, at least what we’ve seen so far. you can almost bet that Pyne or Angeli is going to have to Finish at least one game this season.
  20. I think this has been touched on in a few threads. ND is pretty much out of it for Moore. $$ is on Oregon (see what I did there). Moore, or more accurately, Moore’s dad seemed to botched this recruitment and it cost us Vizz. But that’s recruiting. I do believe Carr, and ND, are considering a reclassify but I’d be surprised if it happened. Also, not sure I want him to as so far, that experiment hasn’t worked out yet. I think the more likely scenario is ND ends up trying to flip a lower rated guy for ‘23. Don’t know who that will be, Johnson maybe.
  21. Any update on if he is reclassifying?
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