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  1. Not hard to recruit better than Elston. But he could sure develop.
  2. Things change. Elston sang ND praises and talked about staying and it goes beyond football for him. Then a month later he was gone. The list of coaches saying one thing and doing another is a mile long.
  3. I think we desperately need another quality corner opposite Hart
  4. Thanks for the info. I don't see Moore coming unless, like you said, Captain Khaki's goes to the NFL. You'd think if stability with coaches were important, Meatchicken wouldn't be the leader. If it's not this year for Harbaugh, it would be in the next couple. Who knows, maybe not. I still see Arnold staying south, but it's early and a lot can change. Vizzina seems to be our best shot and he's a good player. Probably not the elite guy I was hoping for, but solid top 100. I'd be worried about putting all our eggs in his basket. If Manning chooses Georgia, then Vizzina gets a Bama offer, I doubt he sticks with ND. ND desperately needs to develop a top-tier NFL prospect. The negative recruiting practically writes itself these days. That's why TB12's development is so important. If it's not him, it's several more recruiting cycles of the same thing.
  5. Any thoughts on where we go for a QB this cycle? I know it’s early but it seems most of the elite guys are looking elsewhere.
  6. Sounds like OU is leading for Arnold. I was hopeful that ‘23 was going to be the year we get an elite QB but it’s not looking good now. Unless Buchner balls out this year (which is possible), elite QBs aren’t going to look our way.
  7. JT Daniels is in the portal. Could take another one and done. Wouldn’t be my preference but it’s out there.
  8. According to BigHead, Lowe is no longer an option.
  9. Oh I absolutely agree. Competing for 5 ️ talent is a different ballgame.
  10. According to his social media, he loves the new ND hire.
  11. I assume they are all takes if they want to come?
  12. Is it just me or does MF have some tiny feet?
  13. He’s also going to have to get in the NIL game. Big time. That train isn’t slowing down unless it gets regulated by the NCAA
  14. Especially when we keep signing kickers...
  15. I always wonder how that works. The assumption was he was selling ND, the team, the 40 year decision. Etc. why ND is the absolute best place for them. Then you change schools and say the exact same thing about another school? Unless Elston was only selling Elston, I have no idea how you look a kid in the face and saying your new schooL is the best choice.
  16. yeah not sure why he gets credit for being a great recruiter. Developer, yes, recruiter, no.
  17. Ha I’m guessing your the only person who used those keywords.
  18. Wonder how the seniors that returned are feeling? Can they still back out?
  19. I see what you're saying but if a place kicker isn't "ready" after his freshmen year, I'm not sure he'll ever be ready.
  20. Don’t we also need a punter to replace bramblett too?
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