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  1. Maybe, but we've also offered 2 or 3 guys late this year that committed elsewhere right after.
  2. Sort of what I thought I'd seen but couldn't remember for sure.
  3. I believe Salerno accepted a post-season all-star game invite. One of the military ones I believe, so he shouldn't be back. Also, rumor was Lenzy wasn't asked back either, which was a little surprising to me. He was open all year long, Pyne just never saw him while he stared down Mayer. I could be wrong, but I think we have to be back to the 85 limit to start the season?
  4. That’s good. Like to see how he competes and stacks up against other top competition during the week.
  5. Anyone have any news on his shoulder injury? Will he be able to compete at the AA game?
  6. That' sucks, I was excited about his speed and explosiveness. Gotta believe its Colorado. Neon Deion strikes his first big casualty.
  7. Agreed. No play caller is perfect. Give the guy a real QB and see how he does (I know it’s his job to find a real QB and between Minchey, Carr, and hopefully a top-flight transfer, he’s crushing it there all the sudden.)
  8. Yeah, it's curious. I believe there are two portal windows now. December and April (I might have those mixed up). Maybe the staff is using bowl practice, and eventually spring practice, as an opportunity for players to make or break your time at ND. Perhaps some ppl are just getting their ducks in a row, wanting to have a destination before announcing they are gone. Oh absolutely, according to this article, only about 50% of players land back on their feet at another university with a scholarship: https://www.si.com/fannation/college/cfb-hq/ncaa-football/college-football-transfer-portal-numbers-risky-move-for-athletes That's obviously a pretty big gamble to take.
  9. Depends how you define mass exodus I suppose. The past few years we've seen 10-12 kids exit for whatever reason, portal, "retire", transfer, etc. (between the December and April) My guess is that number this year will be slightly higher, probably 14-16 kids. Mostly depth players at this piont, but I'm afraid we'll also see a surprise or two from contributors in the two-deep.
  10. One of those, do as I say, not as I do things, ha.
  11. Can you imagine what Quinn would have made if NIL was a thing in 2005?!? The supplement companies alone would have been lining up.
  12. He also hasn’t ghosted the other recruits like Keeley did. That was the real indicator for him.
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