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  1. Wonder if Kraemer wishes he’d stayed another year now to try and improve his draft stock?
  2. I bet you’re fun at parties...
  3. It continues to boggle my mind how poorly we recruit the most important position in the game, especially considering our overall success on the field. I hate to say it, but even in the few clips I’ve seen, Buchner has a bit of a deer in the headlights look. I know he’s been here like 5 minutes, but it’s never something you want to see from that position. I was hoping he could be the guy this year and just sling it. But I’d be surprised at this point if he even sees the field this year.
  4. Wow a blast from the past. Good to hear from you!
  5. Not sure I understand this one. Maybe it’s cuz next year will be a rebuilding year and he didn’t want to go through that. Surprised if he gets drafted.
  6. Sounds like this is official
  7. I agree but there’s some stripes that even Swarbrick can’t hide. Even if you lighten academic standards, which I’m not convinced are that hard for athletes even at ND, you still have issues with weather, lack of never ending coeds, a dumpy town, du Lac, etc. it’s at this point, too much for ND to compete at the highest level in today’s game.
  8. For all the fire Kelly crowds, do you think of the coaching staffs for the two teams were swapped today, ND would have won? Didn’t think so. It’s a talent gap. A monumental one. And I don’t believe there’s a coach in the country that can win a title at ND with the current landscape of college football. Some of you make it seem like if ND hires Meyer or Saban,we’ll win all sorts of titles. All the things that handicap ND will still exist regardless of who is coaching.
  9. We can split hairs on coaching and scheme all day long and no one will have answers. Elite talent overcomes a lot of coaching deficiencies. Over the past 4 years, Alabama has signed 20 5 Stars. ND had signed 2. That’s the difference between ND and Bama, Clemson and OSU. Sure we get an elite player here or there. But those other three schools have them in droves and line them up across the board. That manifests itself in immeasurable ways that shows up on Saturdays. Unfortunately, ND can’t compete on that level. Not in the foreseeable future. Short of the stars aligning, getting an a
  10. He absolutely may intend to pursue it but what happens if his “nfl grade” comes back as late round to undrafted free agent? Maybe it’ll come back higher and he thinks it’s worth a shot. But he hasn’t done anything that’s can’t be undone at this point. I’d imagine being QB1 at ND comes with LOTS of perks and to me, that would be way better than entering the “real world”. Plus I’m being selfish and want Buchner to have a year in the system.
  11. Why not Book? Call me crazy, but I just don’t see him being drafted. He’s playing well and his stock would never be higher but I don’t see that being enough. I guess If it were me and I’d have to choose between being king dingaling at ND as the starting quarterback for another year or maybe being a long shot to make a NFL roster or practice squad, I’d pick ND.
  12. Just had the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally here. That was 400,000 people. Now they are mostly spread out over the area but there were lots of concerts and gatherings of thousands. Case have been minimal after.
  13. The same reason that most 5-star players and top 4-star players, especially those with checkered academic backgrounds, won't even consider ND is the same reason the Meyers and Sabans of the world won't consider ND, it's harder. Much harder. They may be ego maniacs, I agree, but because of that, they can go to a football factory school, have a MUCH easier road to a NC, thereby getting the ego stroke they need without having to deal with the HUGE challenges ND presents. I'm not saying that a NC at ND is completely out of the realm of possibility, I'm saying the expectations of ND fans to
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