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  1. We may also have about that many losses in that time frame.
  2. I’ve never understood the logic of “not showing our cards early in the season” against teams like Toledo. It’s like, who are we trying to fooL later with our super secret awesome plays? Had we lost to Toledo, would we be relieved cuz we still have super secret plays to show USC or Cinci? Theres 30+ years of tape on Kelly offenses and over a year on Tommy’s offense. Do we really think there is some magic witch craft plays we’re holding onto for good teams? How come we haven’t used them against Bama and Clemson in the past? Fact is our offensive game planning and structure is what it is. Problem is we’re not very good at it this year. Our OL, unless we improve drastically, will neuter our success all year. We’ve scraped by two average/bad teams. The problem isn’t so much the Xs and Os, it’s more the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s… We have to rethink the offense to take into account a poor OL.
  3. As of now, tommy has to completely reinvent the offense to account for a poor OL. No way around it. Buchner was the first step in that as BK admitted. Slow forming run plays, draws, plays that rely on sustained blocks need to be ripped out of the playbook. need to get the ball out of the qbs hands fast, get to playmakers on the edge. bubble screens should be a staple at this point.
  4. Also Diggs is available. C’Bo and Bortello, not so much.
  5. Fisher is Out at least 8 weeks with surgery for meniscus injury. Simon out for the year with torn labrum. things are getting thin already. Nothing derails a season like the injury bug.
  6. I still say something happened this preseason with him (whether the coaches admit it or not), hence him being buried on the depth chart.
  7. But unvaccinated have to wear masks in the stadium. I see that going super well, haha
  8. I don’t see why, other than mop up time to get him some experience. And I’d be very against a “package” like some suggest. I still feel like, if you have two quarterbacks, then you don’t have one.
  9. Has anyone seen a practice schedule/media schedule?
  10. Feel like people are more optimistic on this season than I am. There are a lot of question marks. Potential and talent? Sure. But a lot of this have to come together to expect another 10 win season.
  11. Which flies in the face of Kelly’s, “I have no idea where those rumors even came from…”
  12. Isn’t there potential that some of our current commits could improve their rankings? I’m thinking Sneed and Walker in particular. I know other guys could drop too to offset. Just curious.
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