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  1. I’m joining you. No more. This crap has to end before I spend another dollar on a crap product.
  2. Many left after the fumble/score to put them up 18. 14 point swing in a blink of an eye. Being there in person it was once again the mystery of “why does our offense look like they’re jogging? Why no energy? Why is Adams not hitting the hole? Why do we get a PI every time the ball is in the air? Why why why???!” Im out of explanations other than our coaches don’t not prepare our players for victory. Mistakes miscues penalties and energy...those are all coaching. Wimbush doesn’t see the field. Finally seeing it live it’s just that simple. Could be coaching there also but dude is not leading or a leader at this point. It was sad to watch us fold.
  3. At least special teams is playing well...
  4. Time to go Kelly. We've seen enough. Nothing else left to say.
  5. "After being 6 point favorites in their week 8 matchup, Notre Dame was upset by BYE after snapping a ball over the punters head into the end zone and 2 unforced fumbles returned for touchdowns." Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse. Fire kelly now.
  6. Kizer last 2 plays = choke. Kelly seems to paralyze his QBs once they've spent too much time with him. His best records are with qbs who are just playing the game in their first starts Man I'm so glad I didn't see all of this game. Waste of life.
  7. Maybe Urban is getting bored at OSU...
  8. Totally agreed. I don't see how he hasn't lost the team but you never know until you're in the locker room.
  9. Well said. It's in a place now where someone can take us to the championship level. We have the talent just need someone to develop it and maximize the talent we have with the scheme that fits our players and execute. Kelly is just a politician who's always got an excuse and he's ran out of excuses. Today was the cherry on top.
  10. And you guys jumped my case for not watching the Duke game and boycotting until BVG got fired. Sheesh i had to hold my end of the bargain and start watching again after BVG got canned but man I wish I would have not watched this. I didn't watch the last 12 minutes so I saved myself some life. But wow I've never been more appalled at a game plan and lack of adjustments on offense. This almost seemed like Kelly wanted to suck it was so bad. Bizarre I'm at a loss for explaining all of what I saw.
  11. You guys can thank me later. Not only did I enjoy a day with people I love and not be upset by the bed crapping ND performed. But word of my boycott made way back to ND and they couldn't afford me to not watch games due to my disgust with BVG and they've made the change. Excited to watch this weekend as see what adjustments they make. Back to watching games And to think some of you didn't trust me on my move. Come on! Go Irish
  12. In a protest to the garbage coaching and in protection of my own sanity and weekend enjoyment I'm not watching the games until they announce BVG gone. Bad football is not worth watching and not worth watching our boys be given a poor opportunity to succeed.
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