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  1. I get the feeling that other fan bases lurking on this board are rolling their eyes at this. Sorry, just not feeling it.
  2. Has the strength and size to be a mauler as a run blocker. No question that it's probably his greatest strength. Pass blocker, he's got the feet to be a good one, but obviously needs to clean up technique while ensuring he's got a better grasp on his assignments down in down out. Chase Thomas took him to school - I think that game will end up making him a better player down the road, because his faults really aren't physical when it comes to pass protection. Route running will be his steepest learning curve. He looks the part of his 6'7" 260 listing, and still strikes me as someone wh
  3. They might get their fair share if they can Lane and get a coach who isn't a muppet. Then, well, there's plenty of appeal to a school like USC.
  4. "Source inside the Captain's Cabin have strongly advised Captain Eric Smith to go forward after sustaining iceberg damage, instead re-imagining the voyage as an attempt to be the world's largest submarine." http://griid.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/titanic-sinking.jpg Unbelievably bad writing.
  5. Mark Andrews' upside is very compelling. I can understand why the staff has made multiple trips out there to see him. I like Trumbetti a lot too. Probably doesn't have the highest ceiling, but he's the kind of 3 star that we seem to build the foundation of our classes on early. As of now, 18 is the # I've seen floating around, but it's probable that # goes up with the various forms of attrition (injury, academics, transfer, early graduation, etc). That's a pretty good #'s breakdown. Could maybe make a case for 1 more OLineman based on the injury history of the position, but a lot o
  6. I like the angle they're taking here. The staff knows the significance of taking a quarterback every year. They can't show up on ready-made 5 star's doorstep and expect to get him unless he happens to be in their backyard (which, for all intensive purposes, "he" isn't). They're better off targeting someone who has the tools necessary to play at a high level, but needs a little more cultivation. That he's already been on campus is very promising. Take one every year.
  7. Jaylon is the crown jewel. It's not even a question - the kid has the talent to be a multi year starter at any LB spot on defense, and could probably hold his own in practice at any of the secondary positions if asked. That's crazy versatility, and his ceiling is pretty unlimited. I think Redfield's commit gives Notre Dame the kind of athlete that can make plays on the ball. Harrison Smith gave us some of that by the end of his Irish career, and Bennett Jackson is good at playing the ball when he's in position, but the last consistent ball hawk we've seen was Shane Walton - it's been qui
  8. UND's video profile listed him at 5'11" on signing day. Kinda curious as to why they'd undersell a kid's height. Doesn't mean the kid can't play if he is 5'11". Just look at Russell. Still, 3 inches in height does certainly change my perception on the kid.
  9. I think Ty Isaac's problem is that he just kept growing. Teams that were drooling over him early in the process weren't. Heck, even ND wouldn't guarantee him a crack at RB. I think USC's signing day profile even listed Isaac at 6'4"? Whether he's 6'3", 6'2.5", whatever the case is, he was a tall RB as a junior and kept growing - a lot of teams shied off of him because of it. That had just as much to do with Isaac not looking around with any seriousness as did whatever positive factors drew him to So Cal in the first place. Kid may end up making good on his 5 star status. He sounds lik
  10. That, and we're talking about a kid who got banged up and didn't do the combine circuit. At some point, ratings are arbitrary. Doesn't make him any less of a prospect over the next 3-5 years. Interesting that they pegged him as a corner.
  11. I'm actually going the other way - think he turns in maybe 10 sacks. Not downing on the kid in saying that either - I just see our pass rush coming from other areas while Tuitt works on being a more technically sound player.
  12. Kinlaw is a diamond in the rough. If the injury bug is indeed a thing of the past, we're getting a good one. A lot of kids coming in with the potential to impact special teams. He's among them.
  13. Admittedly, my Dad's history with nerve injuries are with different parts of the body. He also didn't have access to the kind of physical therapy that Amir has had from day 1. Still, he's 0/2 on getting back to where he was pre-injury, and this is more than a decade after the fact. Nerves CAN heal, but it isn't a given that they will either. I'm not saying we should revoke the kid's scholarship. Heck, there are a number of players that get hurt along the way and keep playing at a super high level. The difference here is, Amir is being honest about everything, and the injury is well d
  14. I hope we aren't 2nd guessing Kelly's handling of Golson last season, considering that we had an undefeated season, and Golson was one of the few guys that actually showed up against Bama and carried his weight. I think the safety discussion will be had in The Gug during the spring. On one hand, it's hard to argue with an undefeated regular season where we got beat by a physically superior team in the title game. When we look at why we lost that game, play calling is maybe 4th on the list behind the recruiting gap, strength/conditioning gap, and the uptight first couple minutes of the gam
  15. Yeah, there's plenty of reasons for that. Sometimes a kid travels just to open the door of communication with a HS staff - and vice versa. Fitts would actually be a prime candidate considering how brief his recruitment went - on the off-chance that he falls in love with Notre Dame and can't envision going anywhere else, then great, he took the visit to find that out, but if not, at least make sure that Kelly & Co. have an open dialogue established with his HS so that maybe next year they look at other scholarship athletes. Sometimes, there's more of a long game emphasis than a short g
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