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  1. they're still 4 stars though. most are expected to move up in the rankings at their induvisual position. They havent rated the 4 stars out of the 250 yet.
  2. This is not related to the thread so much more towards the USC game, but I want Lou Holtz speaking to that team before the game just how at Michigan.
  3. I read Boyd and Jackson are locks for 4 stardom I read Wood, Badger, and Lombard all have very good chances. Tommy Rees is expected to atleast be moved up to 5.7 3 stars, some people speculating 4 star. It depends what the Rivals guys see in Danny Smith. I hope they see what scout sees.
  4. He is an OG in college.... With Lombard locked up next season that gives us 14 linemen adding Lombard, and you guys forgetting Freeman who I would not be surprised if he starts a few games by his senior year. We will atleast add 2 more linemen giving us enough for more than a 3 deep.
  5. ND still has a legit shot and will probably get an official. I have a feeling money is an issue because he previously wanted to visit twice unofficially but couldnt get the travel plans squared away
  6. I am in no way shape or form saying Joe Montana is not worthy of the list, but Quinn is just the better QB and would have won 2 NC's if he had the defense we had now. Joe's TD to INT ratio is 1:1. While he did lead great comebacks, they were spured by great defense and runningbacks.
  7. Why would anyone switch Montana for Quinn? Quinn's stats in college are light years better than Montana
  8. yeah but if you double cover Tate, you got Floyd open. If you double cover Floyd, you got Tate open. If you double cover both, you got Kamara and Rudolph wide open. This is gonna be a damn good seasons boys
  9. I dont see why some of you do not like this class. when the rankings are all said and done for our current commits, it will look like this when the evaluations, rerankings, games, whatever are played. Chris Martin-5 Star Christian Lombard-Depends what position they rate him at...either way 4 Star Daniel Smith-Depends what board you look at. personally I think 3 star Blake Leuders-4 Star Alex Welch 4 star Chris Badger 4 star(kid is one of the hardest hitters I have seen this year) Andrew Hendrix 4 star Bennett Jackson 4 star(rivals guys already said he would be in the ne
  10. I am going to be realistic here. It comes down to the Oline and Dline, and from what I am hearing Hart and Verducci are doing great. Last year with an Oline and Dline we would have won every game but USC and maybe BC. 7-5- that is not conservative, that is hoping Charlie Weis fails. 8-4- that is pessimistic 9-3- conservative pick 10-2 realistic 11-1 optomistic pick 12-0- a little more than optomistic, but getting past USC would get us that. I myself am going with 11-1 losing to Stanford in the final game of the season
  11. happy birthday john. Stay strong. Keep ur mind active.
  12. Its Duval Kamara's cousin, but like ziggy said, no chance. He will most likely end up at Florida, PSU, or Maryland
  13. not stating my side on this, but saying the cops were gunning for him is ridiculous
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