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  1. Making sure everyone saw this... https://fightingirishwire.usatoday.com/2021/08/26/brian-kelly-head-coach-football-marcus-freeman/
  2. THIS!!!!! Yes I have been saying it since we beat Clemson, no lose situation for ACC and both teams! The ACC Title game will be an elimination game for one of these teams. It's BS if ND loses but it will happen!
  3. '21 TX DL David Abiara is arrested.... Just saw on twitter charged with trespassing..
  4. They beat Pitt 45-14... With Milton I would love to see them play a top team, but without they don't stand a chance. I think it's funny that the poll that named them National Champs last year ranked Notre Dame #1 in 2012 even after the dreaded Bama game.
  5. We are 3-0 which as Wisconsin showed is hard to do in today's college football, we also have no home run threats on offense. WR's can separate so all deep passes are jump balls, and the defense can play man to man and load the box.
  6. Great read! The Urban Meyer story was worth the read alone.
  7. He is going to work for the Helmet company Notre Dame is switching to..
  8. I have a lucky shirts, green long sleeve ND 3/4 zip I wear every Friday before game day. On game day I wear my Montana throwback jersey or my Te'o BCS Title game jersey. (this one is currently on the bench because of Georgia loss) SOfor me to wear that again I will wear it under current lucky jersey for a a couple wins before it is good to go.. Same way I break in new jersey! Wife hates me lol
  9. Thanks for the 3 fumbles Saturday!
  10. Just as title says how many years do you think we can keep him before he gets a head job? I think the possibility of 1 and done is growing each week. Hopefully one of our greener defensive coaches(Lyght) picks up on his scheme and we can keep rolling with it. I feel with his success next year if he keeps this up he gone for sure.
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