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  1. disagree on the fact of our offense played out horrible against michigan and well we won, i dont think you get into the top ten unless you are a good team and to me right now id say bsc bowl here we come
  2. Notre Dame has stumbled when we start getting to cocky and this top ten rank frightens me, who knows whats in those players minds? Watch ot irish and stay relaxed
  3. brian kelley doesnt understand how to run an offense without two qbs so this is just temperary, toward the end of the season goldsen will be our 1 and only QB
  4. Well Michigan is still a good team so im calling 31-21 IRISH! They're good just we are better! Its going to come down to whether we stop robinson, and if Michigan stops our running game.
  5. there is no reason to open up the offence when we can score 50 running so I don't think he will open up the pass game until we absoultly have too
  6. I say michigan and oklahoma are the top two, michigan because they are a good team just not a top 10 kinda team, oklahoma is the same they will lose to west virgina maybe texas and maybe us!
  7. michigan lost to the 2nd best team in the country we beat a horrible navy team they will drop to about 16-17 and we will rise to 19-21 by the time we PLAY michigan WE WILL BE HIGHER!
  8. 10 points? Come on Oklahoma is a lot better then they played last saturday and we have to remember it will be away and its only the begining of the season I'd say right now OU still has the edge
  9. 38-13 Good game for Goldson, we will see more running from him this week.
  10. nd because of Notre Dame and Chenger is my last name
  11. I am new to this; I watch the games at the famed Notre Dame Central in Oklahoma with my friend NdJohn and OklahomaIrish! Glad to be here and GO IRISH!
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