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  2. Book wins the starting job in '18, but any half decent coach could use Wimbush effectively in a backup role next year. His skill set really helped us score TDs in the red zone this year and IMO he should have a package for that situation going forward.
  3. This. Would be embarrassing. Saturday night looked like a Bob Davie ND game.
  4. I can't bring myself to hope for another miserable season, but I have seen enough of Kelly. The defense looks good and Elko was a great hire, but 7 years in with an awful track record in big games says to me that the issue isn't/wasn't solely the coordinators. Also, he's kept Hiestand around about 3 years too long.
  5. Temple: W. Temple lost a lot from last year. ND 34 14 Georgia: L. Not sure if Kirby Smart is a "big game coach," but we know that BK isn't. Georgia 27 24 @Boston College: W. ND has a significant talent edge. ND 41 7 @Michigan State: L. MSU won't be particularly good this year, but we suck on the road. MSU 23 19 Miami (OH): W. ND has a significant talent edge. ND 44 13 @ North Carolina: W. ND wins another shootout with the Heels. ND 41 34 BYE USC: L. USC is way better. USC 41 28 NC State: L. NC State will be sneaky good. NC State 24 23 Wake Forest: W. ND has a significant talent edge. ND 31 9 @Miami: L. Richt > Kelly plus it's on the road. Miami 27 22 Navy: W. 3O chews us up again but ND wins a shootout. ND 48 35 @Stanford: L. Haven't won out there in a decade. Stanford 31 26 7-5 31.8 ppg on offense. 23.8 allowed
  6. It's the NFL requiring a player be 3 years removed from graduating HS that is responsible for this. The free education is fair for 99 percent of the athletes, but not to guys like Leonard Fournette, Myles Garrett, Jadeveon Clowney, etc. who were forced to play 3 years of CFB when they were NFL-ready at age 18 or 19. There should be some kind of early entry rule for exceptional players like those I mentioned previously.
  7. Offense Brandon Wimbush KJ Stepherson Tommy Kraemer/Liam Eichenberg Defense Daelin Hayes Asmar Bilal Jerry Tillery
  8. Our OLine has underachieved, but is far from "weak." Also, Wimbush > Zaire and it's not even close. Zaire was hot garbage in his limited time last year. We don't need him.
  9. No, but I hope he is retained by whoever ND hires after Kelly gets sh**canned 12 months from now.
  10. Mine Tressel, though I doubt he would take the ND job. Fedora Fleck Narduzzi Scott Frost will be a popular name after next season if not earlier.
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