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  1. Just to be clear, Driskell never said anything about it. In fact, he said he had nothing to say about Botelho at this time. Someone/some people seemed to take his lack of comment to mean something. Crazy how literally saying nothing can turn into someone saying something.
  2. Guess I missed those. Grown men talking about how a guy deserved to get beaten down and almost lose an eye with no evidence or facts to back it up has got to be a low point.
  3. This 100%. A young man was seriously injured and almost became disabled in the prime of his life. Does anyone know this young man? Ever met him? Why wish this on anyone? I've been lurking around this place since 2005 and this may be the most disappointing thread I have ever seen.
  4. This is exactly the kind of game Northwestern wants. Turnovers, 0 points on first and goal at the 9, penalties, missed field goals. So many missed opportunities already. This team is so sloppy and Northwestern will beat them in the 4th quarter if they are within 2 touchdowns.
  5. Give me a break, it was a good call. Boykin was wide open, just another bad pass. You can’t blame the play calling when the qb has almost single handedly killed most of the drives today.
  6. So the same thing as today? Whether you want to admit it or not, Book has had as bad of a game as Wimbush had the first 3 games.
  7. I’m sorry, but this makes the 3rd “letdown” game in 7.
  8. There may just be enough tape on the Book offense now. It looks like they are playing the Alabama defense today. This is typically what happens to the offenses under Kelly. They show some promise and then gradually get worse.
  9. This looks like the offense from the first 3 games. Two straight shaky first halves from Book is not a good trend. This Pitt defense is one of the worst he will see all year.
  10. All I see is a team whose qb has lost his calm and trying to do too much. Plus a backbreaking penalty on a punt.
  11. I wish Book would go back to being less confident and more safe.
  12. Wow. Great start. Perfect gameplan if you’re trying to lose to the 2nd worst team on your schedule.
  13. So glad they came out to play in the 2nd half. I will go ahead and eat my crow, this did not look like a typical Kelly team on this night.
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