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  1. I get what you're saying, but things are so bad.... that we're reduced to referring to the "quality losses" over the years more than the quality wins.
  2. in my opinion if you're satisfied with the job he's done (56-25 record) and with disappointing season after disappointing season than expectations have dropped so low that fans aren't embarrassed to be 1-2 and have lost 4 of the last 5 games. I don't know why he gets a pass and all the apologists use excuses because they're worried that this is as good as it gets thanks to the previous coaches before BK who made ND irrelevant for several years. time to be an optimist again, demand more and raise expectations
  3. when BVG gets fired Kelly knows he's still on the hot seat. underperforming teams have become the theme with him. in 7 years he's had 1 good season
  4. 4 losses last 5 games so the entire football program should be looked at and scrutinized Urban Meyer has lost 4 games last 5 years BK losing 4 of last 5 is embarrassing and unacceptable
  5. why is it that BVG is getting the blame and attention as to why this program stinks? I blame Kelly plain and simple the job he's done is unimpressive thus far 1 good season in 7 years isn't good enough
  6. I think the defense has been so terrible and really unreliable for so long that it's worse than we actually even realize. a team "with playoff aspirations" should not look that bad against anybody let alone unproven Texas the defense looks as bad as its ever been right now. the offense gets so predictable and too reliant on Kizer where's the playmakers at? where's the creativity in play calling?
  7. total embarrassment fire BVG to save face the entire defense has to be questioning everything top to bottom after being humiliated that was a worse loss than the Alabama game because there's no justification of the result
  8. they need to can him now and if there's not a capable replacement on the staff right now that's BK's fault for not assembling a staff that consists of talented up and coming coaches - (which I believe he has). 3 losses in a row in those 3 losses gave up 38, 44, and 50 points and 422, 496, and 517 yards make the change to show everyone's accountable you called out players today during your press conference but repeatedly refuse to admit that BVG was a bad hire who hasn't worked out.
  9. who would've thought the defense would suck again? :laugh:
  10. I'm putting BVG on the hot seat after 1 drive, screw it
  11. it's more upsetting BVG making that much if his contract was incentive based he'd be paid minimum wage on the other hand, it's worth it to pay millions to not have Weis coach your team
  12. we're rolling general admission over here. but we're disappointed there's no breakfast with the players this year my son was looking forward to that
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