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  1. You think that is bad? I was listening on ESPNU when I went to pick up my kids, worst crap I have ever heard. Us and we for Georgia, no excitement when ND scored (twice). Just awful.
  2. Quiet, is everyone holding their breath or just loaded? First quarter went pretty well considering the misqueues. Hope the O-line can settle down as those penalties and the bad snap were drive killers.
  3. They have some talented receivers and their QBs are ready to play, it sucks that they can burn through them and keep on rolling and we can't seem to keep one grounded for a whole season. Also noteworthy, Clay Helton always looks like he is trying really hard to keep in a fart.
  4. Good stuff. Need someone to photoshop the old purple face Kelly's face into the emperor's robes from Star Wars
  5. If Davie was on the sideline this could have at least been an interesting game but with him sitting out due to health issues this seems like a flat tire. Hope BD gets well soon.
  6. FWIW I didn't know when our first game was this year until I just noticed the banner a few minutes ago.
  7. Jon Pinette is very funny, funnier than Ralphie May IMO. Of coruse the Redneck comedy is good for a single spin, maybe two. Aziz Ansari (sp) is pretty good though frought with some recent contreversy, Kathleen Madigan is fun, Tig Notaro, Kevin Nealan. Those are some that spring to mind from my hours listening to XM comedy. Apologies for the spelling of the names I likely butchered. Hedberg is all time, he is a definite must if you haven't had time to enjoy him (RIP also).
  8. Jeepers. Awful close. From the future?
  9. With as many problems as teams had with kickers this year I am surprised no one is even assessing Yoon for an UDFA spot.
  10. Agreed, thanks everyone for helping to level set my expectations. Good detail.
  11. I am glad signing day is mostly drama free but it really feels like the disparity is just getting bigger and bigger. Bama has what... 14 of ESPN's 100 and we have 0. Maybe it just looks worse than it is, I don't know, but it seems like lackluster recruiting will be Kelly's downfall far more than the player development concerns. Am I wrong about this recruiting class being a letdown?
  12. While I am usually underwhelmed over the past couple of years, this seems as close to a home run as we can come. My only concern would be that it will be a short stop over at ND.
  13. Glad for him but it is a pain that ND had become a coaching rest stop. I saw Mike Hart's name pop up. I can't even fathom that.
  14. Dude! What’s up with the guy with the SC hat standing behind Dabo?
  15. I don’t want to pile on the hate, but I will say this: Dabo looks like he loves his players. The way he hugs and treats those kids... I just don’t see purple face doing that. Kids can see that, they are drawn to it.
  16. I am bummed they pulled the starters, was hoping they would hang 50 on Bama.
  17. Clemson is good and is going to be good for a couple of years. May be time for Bama to pass the torch. Swinney is 49. Guy has 15 or 20 years left.
  18. The loss still hurts but looks a lot less bad right now. Lawrence is a freshman
  19. Wow, that is absolutely terrible news. Never know if there is gonna be a tomorrow.
  20. Aww that was last year and I don't recall who but they came back and apologized Monday morning. It was epic and I am sure the person would be happy to not have that brought up again Wow at all the ND fans who have never had a meltdown, good for you guys. Feel better JT!
  21. Bummed to see him go, sad that ND is becoming a 3 and out school but without the success. Still, good luck to this young man he gave a level of security in the secondary I haven't felt in a long time.
  22. I think the world has moved on from ND. The great teams in college right now are really just semi-professional players, not college athletes. The NCAA doesn't have a draft allowing bad teams an advantage to rebalance and become competitive, quite the opposite. ND needs to regularly recruit a crop of 5 stars to be competitive, and that is the same as any other team. Doesn't ND have a few scholarships available for pure meatheads? I thought they had a handful of exempt scholarships so they can bring in big talent.
  23. I am not sure what happened in which thread, but I am pretty sure a lot of folks (if not all) were pretty down on Kelly yesterday. I think the basic concern here that I have, and probably a lot of others as well, is that this may be as good as it gets. Taking ND out of the picture for the moment, there are a lot of tiers of talent in the NCAA but the gap between tier 1 and 2 is huge. Alabama and the SEC (And now Clemson) have been fairly dominant over the past ten years. Success breeds success too, so winning teams get the good recruits and keep on winning as long as you have a coach who can win. I don't know how successful Kelly would be with Saban or Clemson's athletes, it really makes no difference because he has what he has. I am not sure Saban or Swinney could do better with what Kelly has, again, immaterial. I am frustrated and embarrassed by the game yesterday, it was a long wait for redemption from 2012 and it just didn't come. It is what it is. I am sure I will get excited about football again when NSD raps up in Feb, and again around August, but for now I am going to try to enjoy the entire season all the way up until 24 hours ago. I will look for another thread breaking down what in the actual f**k happened yesterday because I am pretty confused.
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