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  1. This is unfortunate, our mediocre offense can't help out a struggling defense. We have been living dangerously all season with the talent level and it is showing right now.
  2. This. Book stinks. Well, that isn't fair to say but he isn't a ND championship level QB. He is the latest in a long line of degraded QBs who failed to progress and even regressed. With a decent QB we win that game by two touchdowns, with Book we squeak it out. I appreciate what he has done but we need a homerun at QB for recruiting. Kelly is still recruiting Cincy calibre QBs but you don't win championships (usually) with a fair to middlin' QB at the wheel. He frustrates me. His legs saved us from his own mistakes. Make the GD easy throws on first and second down and then he doesn't have to scramble for a third down conversion.
  3. That wide receiver screen or whatever it is where they throw it to him behind the line of scrimmage is garbage. He isn't athletic enough and they aren't subtle enough to pull it off.
  4. Well said. Also, I hate USC. That is all.
  5. Maybe it is just lack of real world experience, I don't know, but I both of his big throws were receiver catches on bad throws. One way too high so the receiver couldn't run with it, one too low the receiver had to dig it out. Put him up against a team that isn't BGSU or New Mexico and he is going to need a LOT of work from what I see.
  6. Michigan is a wreck. I wonder if Harbaugh keeps his job of we embarrass them.
  7. Really irritating game to watch. Secondary looks slow, everyone looks sluggish and uninspired. They look exactly like they look every single week after a big game. Hoping second half will be better.
  8. I would like to beat them with a last second touchdown causing emotional damage and heartbreak to their fans
  9. It isn't funny at all, I had to go through the same thing. The last couple of years I have just recorded the games and gone back and watched them later and spent that time with family or doing something productive instead. Otherwise it is too stressful for me as well. When I look back at ND football over the past 15 years I can count a couple of incidents where I really reacted badly to some games and made some mistakes I would have preferred not to make in retrospect. One that sticks out is the Michigan game back around 2010 or 2011, I don't recall which. What I do recall is I was so angry and so inebriated that I decided that I could yank a glass shelf out from under some other breakable glass items like it was a table cloth and everything would just be ok. Long story short: it wasn't ok.
  10. This is true. I feel like the only mandate to Kelly is "dont embarrass us". So these close games are enough to keep him here forever. And why not? The team is more exciting to watch as has been pointed out in other threads. We need to be realistic. For Clemson Bama GA etc it is a recruiting fail when they dont get a couple five stars. For us it is a coup if we get a five star. I dont hate Kelly any more. The only thing I can really fault him for is his inability to recruit or raise up an elite QB. If you replace Book with a Quinn or Clausen last night you win. We haven't had that and Kelly's scheme will only be as good as the athletes running it. I hate to settle, I was sick to my stomach for a game where defeat was once again snatched from the jaws of victory but it is what it is. The university is fine with the fact that our signature wins have actually been close losses.
  11. I have come to realize my relationship with ND football is like Brokeback Mountain. It always feels bad when it screws me and I'm always like "I wish I knew how to quit you ND football."
  12. Alright fellas, I am going to shut it down for the night. I am starting to get testy with the kids and it isn't worth win or lose. Good luck all, go Irish!
  13. The crowd noise is a real issue. Pretty bummed about this second half. Int and 2 3 and outs. D isn't getting pressure on Fromm, the Georgia offensive line is massive. Average 6'5" 325.
  14. It feels like the gameplan is all short throws like there is a fear we cant stop their d line long enough to give Book time to go downfield.
  15. Holding them to a fg is pretty good. Defense is soft but doing well with bend dont break so far.
  16. I am loving the balls Kelly and crew are showing. Sending the offense out after the timeout when Smart tried to ice the kicker. Win or lose I like it. Also a lot of going for it on 4th, not always working but I love to see it.
  17. Kmet might not be a Tyler Eifert but he is looking stellar. I haven't seen ND effectively use the TE or screens in a long time, glad I am seeing it tonight. Timely.
  18. Be nice if we could just wrap up and make the tackles. All of this trying to rip the ball is amounting to a lot of extra yards after catch.
  19. You think that is bad? I was listening on ESPNU when I went to pick up my kids, worst crap I have ever heard. Us and we for Georgia, no excitement when ND scored (twice). Just awful.
  20. Quiet, is everyone holding their breath or just loaded? First quarter went pretty well considering the misqueues. Hope the O-line can settle down as those penalties and the bad snap were drive killers.
  21. They have some talented receivers and their QBs are ready to play, it sucks that they can burn through them and keep on rolling and we can't seem to keep one grounded for a whole season. Also noteworthy, Clay Helton always looks like he is trying really hard to keep in a fart.
  22. Good stuff. Need someone to photoshop the old purple face Kelly's face into the emperor's robes from Star Wars
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