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  1. I just saw they had a total of 39 rushing yards. When people talk about how much not having Lawrence meant to this game I would be inclined to look at that number.
  2. It is my profound hope that Lawrence stays and DJ decides to transfer to ND
  3. I find it fascinating that there are grown people here who can someone justify both criticizing kids for storming the field after an exciting win and also telling people here that they can't enjoy the win because they didn't believe, or they don't like Kelly, or they are wearing sweat pants on a Wednesday. Has a real Mean Girls - You Can't Sit With Us vibe. I didn't think ND was gonna win. I frequently and loudly criticize Kelly. I am strangely OK with enjoying the win.
  4. Watching the SC games makes the miss on St.Brown even more painful. He is definitely a bright spot on their offense.
  5. 27-7 Clemson Our D is better than last time we played them but our offense is worse.
  6. I have a lot of similar items though not as comprehensive either. Here are a couple of items that I have not on the list: Survival Snares Clotting Sponges Respirator Masks 3600 calorie bars (MREs would be space prohibitive) Battle Dressing / Compression Bandages Hatchet / Field Axe Deboning / Fileting knife set I keep my bag hanging on a hook in my garage next to the door. Should be pretty quick to grab ICE.
  7. I’ll be that guy. I hope he is ok because I don’t wish ill on anyone but I sure hope he is nowhere near South Bend come game day. I will take a W with an asterisk over an L all day.
  8. Are Kiel and Jurkovic the highest rates recruits of the Kelly era? The issue seems more like Kelly isn’t able to give up someone not great who he is comfortable with in favor of more talent. Some times you have to take your lumps with a young talented QB (see Brady Quinn 2004) and BK doesn’t seem ok with that.
  9. Yeah NC is making me feel better about ND today.
  10. My big takeaway: there is a big divide between those here who like Count Chocula vs. those who like Frankenberry and also those who like Boo Berry. Bad game, good cereal conversation.
  11. How many points do we plan to spot them? Painful.
  12. Tommy Tremble played a heck of a game today too. Tough call.
  13. Great game. One of my favorite complete games of the Kelly era. Go Irish.
  14. Yep. Good luck and Gods speed. Hope he does well.
  15. Finke got a contract for 95K, that is huge UDFA money. Good for him.
  16. I know I shouldn't be skeptical about a game played without fans as long as it is played but I am. The psychological effect of the empty stands might be worse than not seeing the games at all. I guess we will see, I certainly would prefer not to miss a whole season of ND football.
  17. This is like pooping in a deep toilet. It splashes alright but in the end it is just uncomfortable. In all seriousness this is a bold move, it is either the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. If Rees craps the bed I think it will be the end for BK. For the record I think it is a terrible hire, either we think too much of ND or BK thinks too little of ND.
  18. Do you guys feel like the push off was PI or no? Maybe I am being a homer but there was so much slap fighting going on it looked good to me but ESPN is all over it for offensive PI. Sad for Buffalo, I was a big fan in thr late 80s and 90s until they crushed my dreams. Norwood missing that field goal ... flashback... triggered!
  19. I followed this story as well. Sad stuff, it is a solid reason for the NCAA to pay players, at least something. If this kid's family wasn't living in their car then he might be starting classes at GT right now. Tragic.
  20. I really dont like OSU and their head coach just looks like an a hole. I hope Clemson pulls it off.
  21. My only disagreement here is same thing I said today in chat: ND is weak in the middle. MLB and nose guard used to be positions of strength but I have seen a lot more runs up the middle and people out of position this year. Losing the middle of our defense hurt.
  22. Just glad for the win. When I took off we were losing. Field looked like garbage, true story. They prepared a passing attack and left the field in garbage shape to slow down our running game and make Book win with his arm.
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