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  1. Did I hear right Michigan is officially out now for the OSU game?
  2. I think it is sad but maybe it is a testament to 2020. ND beating Clemson is the upset of the year. Otherwise kind of a lame season.
  3. I won’t throw a lot of shade because I can math too. I thought about the numbers today and it has been a good couple of seasons. I know this will spark some rage but I still want a championship before I start carrying BKs jock to work. Xoxo
  4. Charlie Weis is offense minded
  5. 6’7” wow. ND can develop TE talent and this guy has all the raw materials to be a monster. Great underrated pickup.
  6. Agreed all around. I think the ACC has done about the best of the power 5 conferences this season. Kudos to the leadership for making it happen.
  7. If the Skunkbears shut down and keep OSU out of the playoffs it will be their greatest win in the Harbaugh era.
  8. No offense intended because I do love the guy but Martin Short speaking at the 2012 NC pep rally was pretty crap awful too. How about Jerome Bettis or another ND sports legend? IIRC Taylor Swifts brother was an ND student at the time?
  9. Seconded. Stinks of pandering and what was the lamest thing? I saw her pregame kicks and it looks like she would have struggled to make an extra point.
  10. Has any team ever sat starters after the first quarter? This should be that day.
  11. As a Laker fan, though, I do wish. He is a sports fan and I love to see that. Love his comment about Williams.
  12. Nah, he is OSU all day. He won't like ND more than I like OSU but it was a heck of a game. Second half fizzled if you are a non-ND fan.
  13. Also, just watched ND respond to adversity on O and D by pitching a second half shutout against the number one team in the nation for second half (4th Q) differentials.
  14. Today was a good win. Clemson was a good win. This has been a good year. Book is a lot better than I give him credit for and I think in spite of my hemming and hawing over the last couple years he really does have some honest NFL potential. The guy has balls as big as church bells and he improvises well. That stuff today, he had a couple of schoolyard plays that were phenomenal. Heck of a season.
  15. It does depend on who wins. If the winner is the one who has to play the longer run it should be a slam dunk but then Roger Maris sat with an asterisk for 55 years so...
  16. Holy crap. You had me at the Clemson trailer park thread. The board is a nightmare to look at on my phone but it reminds me of how much I miss living in the south.
  17. OMG I forgot about his sister thank you for the reminder. I hated the ND drama back then but it is a hell of a good laugh to look back on, aside from Floyd and the DUI. That is a sad precursor and a bad end for a talented young man.
  18. If ND wins as it is right now they will have to beat Clemson twice, Bama and OSU. If they do that I don’t see an asterisk. If SEC or B10 opts out it will asterisk for years. If Clemson doesn’t make the ACC title game for some reason and we don’t play them again it will also be tainted.
  19. If not DJ can someone check and see if his dad has eligibility? Did you see the size of that guy? He looks like an NFL nose tackle.
  20. I just saw they had a total of 39 rushing yards. When people talk about how much not having Lawrence meant to this game I would be inclined to look at that number.
  21. It is my profound hope that Lawrence stays and DJ decides to transfer to ND
  22. I find it fascinating that there are grown people here who can someone justify both criticizing kids for storming the field after an exciting win and also telling people here that they can't enjoy the win because they didn't believe, or they don't like Kelly, or they are wearing sweat pants on a Wednesday. Has a real Mean Girls - You Can't Sit With Us vibe. I didn't think ND was gonna win. I frequently and loudly criticize Kelly. I am strangely OK with enjoying the win.
  23. Watching the SC games makes the miss on St.Brown even more painful. He is definitely a bright spot on their offense.
  24. 27-7 Clemson Our D is better than last time we played them but our offense is worse.
  25. I think that the quantity of mail-in votes coupled with the unprecedented voter turnout is going to make any result suspect for a long time. We are all in for a mess. Here in AZ I see more Trump flags and signs than people but you know how that went, I am pretty sure there will be a lot of grumbling next time I make my way over to a local watering hole.
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