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  1. I’ll take a more optimistic look and say we need a QB and a complete secondary plus 1 real burner WR. I think we are close but still getting killed by QBs with an arm and can’t score in the red zone due to lacking a solid receiving threat outside the TE position. One real fast WR would open the passing game a lot.
  2. If tOSU beats Clemson what kind of holy hell do your think Dabo will raise about Ohio State playing six games?
  3. He will be serving Vandy well by being successful in that game. A solid defensive show will only help a late recruiting push for him at Vandy. I would be surprised if he is putting in less than a full work week for ND right now.
  4. Genitals flopping out could explain why it is tough to drive. I haven’t seen that bug in the wild, only on Twitter. I actually haven’t seen any major bugs outside of the crashes. I think it is a great game.
  5. Driving is a mess. I am on PS4 pro as well and have no issue with the performance. Aside from a good size sample of crashes I haven’t had too many issues.
  6. Dang, all the work KFC put in to up the Colonels appeal with the Lifetime movie down the drain.
  7. I am hopeful honestly. Anything can happen when you play the game. I admit that a close game is probably the best thing to reasonably hope for but I don’t think that an ND win heralds the apocalypse or anything. Fingers crossed I don’t think it is worth throwing in the towel yet.
  8. I say enjoy the little bit of schadenfreude and call it a day.
  9. Go to an NY6 bowl and win and everyone is happy and nothing changes. There is no reason to loosen up academic standards and we will continue to get 3-4 star athletes and continue to not be in a position to win big games. Some times you gotta fill the bucket all the way so you can find the leaks at the top. Again, I feel the sting of losing but either we accept that this is as good as it gets (which I don't think anyone here has accepted judging by the mass meltdowns) or we take our lumps and hope that someone realizes that in these *** whoopings there is an important point that needs to be addressed with our recruiting situation. Just my .02
  10. I know getting trucked sucks but you can't win the NC playing in an NY6 bowl.
  11. The talent gap is a real thing. If you look at the star ratings for ND vs the other CFP potential teams you can see how wide the gap is. If we can't close the gap then seasons like this are as good as it is going to get.
  12. If SC wins I am going to take a 6 month moratorium from this board as I will be busy wrestling with the idea that maybe there is no God.
  13. This game reminds me of how much I hate SC. The lucky slip where they scored reminds me of the MSU Little Giants play where we lost in OT. F*** Dantonio and F*** SC.
  14. Ha. Watching this Pac12 championship game I don’t think this is going to be an issue.
  15. That would be the biggest farce of the CFP era. The Pac12 is terrible across the board.
  16. Bush Push. Clock expired and I ran out into the street shouting for joy only to come back and have them put time back on the clock.
  17. Anyone playing? Maybe not a huge hit on a sports board but this being the internet figured I would ask.
  18. Offering a MSU commit... feels like taking coins from a blind beggars cup. Still, strangely OK with it.
  19. I hope it motivates but I don’t think it is disrespectful either. 10 isn’t a bad line and if you do the numbers on paper Clemson is better by yards. ND has done a hell of a lot with a hell of a lot less for sure. It is actually astounding the gap in recruiting between the other CFP bound teams and ND.
  20. Good time to go too. If we get trucked in the playoffs he is still golden, stock is high.
  21. Dang, not cool. https://images.app.goo.gl/xcAADeW1LYXpkUR96
  22. I personally couldn’t care less about playing Clemson again but Clemson feels otherwise. I suspect the rest of the nation does too. In the end if we beat Bama and OSU to win the NC I don’t suspect complaints about not playing a full strength Clemson will continue to hold water.
  23. I think it is a stellar idea if they are already dessert on Bama, OSU ND and Clemson. The only issue is that with ND at 2 and Clemson at 4 the rematch would not happen if one or the other loses which would make a lot of people unhappy.
  24. So they are going to change the six-game minimum rule to let OSU play for the B10 title. Makes you wonder why any team would try and play a full schedule when you can play 6 and get into the playoffs well-rested.
  25. It is officially canceled. Downside is that this early OSU will get a replacement.
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