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  1. I did get a 360 as I wanted to play some of the old XBox games as well as Fable but really didn't get as much use out of it as I thought. Also got a PS3 which turned out to be a huge waste because they remastered the games I wanted to play and released them on the PS4. There are some PS2 classics I have digitally for PS3 but now I can't find the damn thing. First world problems, yo.
  2. That sounds like a great new thread. How to navigate the various edibles, vape solutions and types of flower out there is a tricky business.
  3. Speaking of surprise gamers, how does your rig stack up to Henry Cavills machine? https://www.ign.com/articles/build-supermans-gaming-pc-whats-inside-henry-cavills-beastmode-gaming-rig I still use a 7 year old laptop for PC gaming so obviously I do mostly console. I did play Fallout 4 and Skyrim on my laptop as I can’t imagine trying to deal with those with a controller.
  4. Agreed. I think he handled a bad situation at OSU with a lot of class. Seems like a heck of a guy.
  5. Anyone watching? Irish looking like they might upset number one Minn. ND defense is strong.
  6. I got the same deal so I wasn’t super mad and the boy enjoyed it so all is well. They did a great job with this and the original excited to see what they will do going forward.
  7. While the choice between ND and LSU right now seems to me to be overwhelmingly ND I still appreciate that this feels like snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. In college football taking from a potential opponent is a double win.
  8. Ballots were cast before the Championship games so Lawrence's crap game against OSU won't impact him. Who you got?
  9. Don’t chart too much time for Miles Morales, my son finished it in two days with only a couple hours each day. It took him maybe 6 hours total.
  10. I can’t see Oregeron getting another 2 years so we should have an edge on that dumpster fire. If we can’t beat out LSU i would think that says a lot about the state of the program.
  11. Need to get a DC on board to stop the bleed. We should have had some people lined up for this a month ago.
  12. This is the way of the world now. 85 on a team 11 on the field at any given time. Good luck to there young men and thank you for your service.
  13. Ryan Day looks like a corpse prepared by a mortician who went to the British Prostitute of the 1800s School of Cosmotology.
  14. It is a done for me lately world I don’t think he gets a pass for this because of past wins. That said, I think he gets a pass because he has shown he can rebuild after losing talent to the draft in addition to the fact he already has a legitimate successor to Lawrence. That is the difference between a winner and a guy like Orgeron who, like a blind squirrel, finds the occasional nut.
  15. I dunno how the Gomer Pyle (stolen from another poster) act works talking the 4 for 40 plan. You can’t have a muppet trying to sell kids on academics, just leaves a weird taste.
  16. Same. I think Sermons performance lends some credence to the argument about letting a 6 game team in the playoffs. You take a guy who has a lot of miles left on him and watch him run all over guys who have played twice as many games. There is a lot more storyline to this game than that but it can’t be ignored. There are a lot of different issues going into this post season. How Coastal Carolina got screwed but then they crapped the bed. Same for Cincy. The only open issue is how a six win team matches up. In the end I think they win tonight but Bama stomps a mud hole in them but never can tell. Sorry, babbling.
  17. I don’t agree. It isn’t the prototypical helmet to helmet targeting but you can’t spear like that either. Looks to me like he is trying to hurt people.
  18. Agreed. If you want to compare apples to apples everyone has to have apples.
  19. Earned it. Clemson couldn’t afford to lose him.
  20. Clemson was running around like chickens with their heads off before the commercial. Couldn’t steal signals fast enough.
  21. This game is definitely a study in what happens in the opt out era. Is Oklahoma really that much better? Obviously with what happened to Jaylon I can understand why a draftee would sit but it does make a mockery of bowl season. Not sure what the answer is but it is a bummer.
  22. I can’t get into RDR2. What’s the secret? I trudged through the snowy prologue but it is just a drag.
  23. LA is not like that and the game is not like that. You are in your thirties and I think it is great that you have a very well rounded view and set of opinions but this thread is really just about people who either play or are interested I playing the game.
  24. I think it is great. It definitely isn’t the quality of Witcher 3 but it is good. FWIW I am playing it on my PS4 Pro and aside from some long load times I haven’t had an issue with the performance or bugs.
  25. Should be Lawrence’s to lose. The fact that Mac Davis has teammates in the top 10 should knock him out. Seeing the way Clemson played with another 5 star who is not Lawrence is pretty telling.
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