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  1. From the Manti return video: [ame= ] [/ame] It is a tear jerker.
  2. Love Oscar McBride, he is a class act. He worked as a rep for mortgage broker here in SoCal (Might still be, not sure) and everyone that ever came in contact with him raved about what a nice and classy person he was (A rarity in that industry). That aside, best part about the post: skimbibbidy I have never even heard that word, and I thought I knew a lot about reefer.
  3. The fact that you had a plan for your life at 27 must put you in about the top 1 percent of American youth. My life took a bad 180 at 25, but then another 180 at 30. If you have a career path in mind and you are working towards it, you are in a great position at 27. Give yourself some grace. Who knows, maybe this is your pathway to being the next great ND coach
  4. We are on the same side here, smaller government, return to the ideals of our founders (some of them anyways). I back a lot of the Tea Party endorsed candidates, I just wish that they would stop marching about in 200 year old clothes making a scene. While it is deplorable of the media to put a spin on something silly like this, it is the responsibility of the people to not put themselves into a position to look like crackpots. That is my 2c.
  5. Great observations through the whole post. Interestingly enough, Fox News did a much better job covering the RNC (And the ratings reflect that) as MSNBC chose to cut away from minority speakers. http://redalertpolitics.com/2012/08/28/msnbc-cuts-every-speech-made-by-a-minority-from-rnc-speech-coverage/ ABC, NBC, and CBS cut away from New Mexico governor Susana Martinez. http://lucianne.com/thread/?artnum=698471 The media tries to paint the RNC as a bunch of old white guys, which is sad. Race baiting ftw.
  6. Everyone sees the world as it pertains to their life, experiences, and values. I don't think this documentary is a representation of tortured fact or distorted truth, but it is certainly going to be one sided. That is critical thinking, though. When you have a point to prove you gather your supporting information and present it in a manner that people can understand and digest. It is great you were able to find and present a counterpoint. My point in this is that people need to get as much information as possible to make an informed decision. I have my own reservations about the Tea Party as well. I think that all political parties have reservations about the values and methods of the others. Right now the Tea Party seems pretty radical, but so did our founding fathers. Time will tell.
  7. You didn't disprove my point, Romney lies too. They are politicians and that is part of what they do. All other presidents are able to produce documentation about their birthplace without having to work hard for it. Obama was hassled because he was unable to do so. I never asked him for his documentation. I never sent pics or emails about him either.
  8. I am with you. I don't think you need to toss out kids for getting in trouble for weed, or getting drunk and getting into trouble. That is what kids do at that age, they make kid mistakes and they don't need to be judged for them. There are two wrong assumptions in the original article: 1. Suspensions means we have players with bad character. 2. Players with bad character win games. The guys who are suspended are not bad citizens, and bad citizens don't equal wins. Give young men room to make mistakes so that they can become grown men.
  9. I wasn't comparing one to the other or endorsing a candidate. I was seconding what OK said in saying that people should collect as much information as possible and make an informed decision when they vote. Ignoring this documentary is foolish. Truth be told, I am not super excited to vote for Romney, but I feel that he is more likely to support the values of my family than Obama is. And every president is attacked just like this guy is, it just so happens that there is a lot more to attack about Obama. *shrug*
  10. You might need a few bad guys in order to win football games, but you need a campus that is safe at an institution of higher learning. I would rather have running 6 - 6 seasons from now to the time my kids graduate college (That is about 20 years from now) than have them go to a school (I hope ND) filled with thugs, thieves, and rapists. Better to fade into mediocrity. I know that not all ND students are Catholics, or Christians, but still, the university is a Catholic university. As such, like Paul said to the Romans, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world" (Romans 12:2 NIV). I happen to think there are enough good kids out there that are talented athletes that ND can win without having to get thugs. Now, as some have already said, if "bad citizen" simply means someone with aggression and swagger, that is good, you do need that. But the context of the quote was that these suspensions might mean that ND is getting the right kind of people to win, and I am afraid that is just not the case. Here is an example of a good kid who had the right kind of mean streak on the field: [ame= ] [/ame]
  11. LOL!!!! QFT. Please note, extra quotation marks added to meet minimum character count.
  12. Obama is a progressive (Not a good thing). Obama is a liar. Since I am not one to level such an accusation based on hearsay let me give you a direct example. In 2008 when Obama was debating McCain at Saddleback Church (the church I attend) he was asked directly about his stance on marriage. He said, marriage is between one man and one woman. Obviously, he has since reversed his position on that. Obama is also against traditional family values. So that we can define that clearly let me say that as a conservative Christian, traditional family values means pro-life, traditional marriage, traditional religion. He does not have to be religious, though I bristle at him saying that he is a Christian, but he does have to support traditional freedom of religion (I know, how dare I ask an elected official to support the founding principals of this country). He may or may not be any of the things he is accused of, I think it is folly to attack his character. However, the documentary is true information and it is ridiculous to turn a blind eye because of... why again? Refusing to watch true information about our current, and possibly future, president is absolutely asinine. You want to blindly elect the next leader of the free world without knowing all the facts? That is not loyalty, that is not equality, that is ignorance. And as far as the documentary filmmaker's agenda, he is a conservative traditionalist. His agenda is to ensure a future for his family based on the values that this country was founded on. I have listened to him on the Frank Pastore show (A local Christian talkshow), and I can assure you that he does in fact have an agenda. It just so happens that in this case, he has laid out the facts (And they are well researched and documented facts) and hoped that when armed with accurate information, Americans will make the best choice. Thanks for bringing this up OK, I am always surprised to hear Irish fans speak out in support of Obama. I suppose that you don't have to support what ND stands for in order to enjoy their football program.
  13. All Irish fans are incurable optimists. We have just been beaten down by the pessimism (Anti ND sentiment) of our adversaries and the harsh realism of... well... reality. ND is a sick addiction. You realize is unhealthy, in the off season you say you aren't going worry about recruiting, you are going to ignore message boards, you are going to let sports be a diversion, not a hobby, not a passion, definitely not an addiction... But then the Blue and Gold game comes. The itch starts. Then summer practices leading up to fall. You start checking out ESPN to see who the starting lineup is going to be. You start checking to see who is amped for the season. September you decide just to check out the game real quick to see how ND looks. You ride the ups and downs through the season, grimace at the losses. Settle happily with any bowl game, happy for a win. Then you decide to give it up, but national signing day comes in February... It happens, and there is no escape. The pain doesn't come from being all three things but rather from fighting them. Embrace the darkside, or something.
  14. Unfair, that ref clearly in position to make a tackle.
  15. Hopeful, but not excited. I love GAIII on kickoffs, that is exciting but that was never a problem. Punts, on the other hand, were an issue. I love our returner, but I worry that they might have missed the point that they need blockers as well as a return man. If the opposing team gets to the return man before the ball does we aren't going to be better off. Still, I am hopeful.
  16. Thank you for pointing that out. It has been a while since I took freshman composition and I have really been missing someone critiquing my writing.
  17. *shiver* No snuggling in the locker room. I like to see team unity, but not that much. Point taken though. I think Toma is going to out perform expectations this year. He is a smaller guy but he is actually a baller and he is hungry. Also, when Manti steps up his game, Toma does too. I think he will do well against teams like Navy and Purdue where his athleticism can overcome his small stature (Not playing against corners and safeties that are 4 to 6 inches taller than he is). I love to see freshman receivers play. The level of competition is higher than high school, sure, but these kids are still amped to play. No year sitting and watching. It is a technical loss that they don't get to study the field as much, but I think that it adds an air of electricity to the team. Penn State had a young team several years ago and they did well, they never lived up to expectations in their sophomore campaign, and then PSU blew up and all, but I think youth works to our advantage here. Don't get me wrong, I would be happy to trade a bit of youth for a Michael Floyd and Golden Tate. Or Rhema McKnight, Maurice Stovall, the Shark, etc... But where we are at is still exciting. And it will be exciting for years to come. I hope that someone is ready to step up and fill that TE position this year, we have been really blessed in that position for the last ten years or so and I would like to see someone continue it after Eifert moves on. I love Floyd's example from last year, I am hoping he helped to show our young guys what a physical receiver can do. It isn't the end of the world if they aren't outplaying junior and senior secondary against our schedule, but I would be a bit disappointed if I didn't see them out their getting physical with the blocks. And not to tangent off and get on my soapbox, but I want to see some physical blocking from our young men on the special teams unit. Block the friggin gunners. We all saw it, we all know it, some of us threw our shoes at them even though they were on TV. Cheers, --EA
  18. I think win or lose, most of us want the same thing: consistent play at the QB position. I think it is safe to say that if EG plays well, we win. Our defense is too good, their defense is too bad, and they are too depleted. Still, if we were to lose I think that seeing low turnovers and solid decision making would make us all happy. I think the things that would make us all head down to Jonestown would be: 1. Delay of game penalties (Since there is concern about EG and the playbook) 2. Turnovers at the QB position. 3. Injury. (Lord protect ND) 4. Wishy-washy coaching. Stick with EG if he is your guy, we will take our lumps with this kid as long as see him play for 12 games and get better. 5. Letting Navy back into the game. This doesn't mean that we start sucking down rat poison if our second or third string gives up a couple of TDs when we are up by 30. But if we repeat that BS from a couple years ago where we let them recover onside kick after onside kick, I think that everyone is going to be spending Saturday evening and Sunday (after church) "unwadding" their (our) panties. My 2c
  19. If you tell someone you are an ND fan you are automatically labeled irrational, I say, make the best of it. Like Otis Lee Crenshaw says, "Play the guitar and harmonica at the same time like Bob Dylan or Neil Young and you are genius. Take the extra step to strap some cymbals between your knees and people will cross the street to get the f**k away from you." I say, strap on the cymbals. I am going to react because every time ND takes the field by heart starts behaving like a 90 year old man with intermittent stops and starts. I am going to overreact whether I like it or not, last year I resorted to taking Xanax before the game. This year, who knows?
  20. Coffee at 5:30 with my Ritalin and anti-psychotic meds. Will make chocolate chip (white and milk) and toffee chip pancakes for the girls with eggs and bacon. While some people lament the early start time, drinkers should rejoice. ND has gifted you with a reason to crack open a beer at 5:30 AM (Pacific). I don't drink anymore myself, so it is not nearly as fun.
  21. This is a tough one. I think that the school and the NCAA wants to see a good game here on Saturday, Michigan at their best against Bama at their best. I would not be surprised to see punishment suspended pending the October sentencing. Right now he is on the team, with the plea coming in today I can see Michigan delaying a decision until after the game.
  22. I think this is right. I am not being disagreeable but I just took a minute to check out who Navy is fielding this year and I see a QB with 1 collegiate start under his belt, last year at ND. Not to say that we are in better shape with a 0 start QB, but I suspect that they are going to look more to their running game than possibly decimate the confidence of their young QB. Of course man does not live by bread alone, they will undoubtedly burn us if they see a corner out of place, but look for run first. This isn't like playing Michigan, USC, etc... our recruits have a lot of athleticism to make up for lack of experience. It would be nice if they targeted our corners though, let them cut their teeth with Purdue and Navy before they get tossed to the wolves. My 2c, probably wishful thinking.
  23. What it is is unfortunate. It is unfortunate that as a high profile alumni he feels like he needs to badmouth like a little baby. I have kids, and I love them to death. That doesn't mean I am going to go out and act like a baby every time something bad happens to them. The best thing he can do is act like Dayne Crist and say, it sucks it didn't work out but no hard feelings. Set an example for your kids by behaving with class and dignity when things don't work out the way you want them to. He is a grown man, not a little kid. There is a difference between defending your progeny and acting like a baby.
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