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  1. First game I watched was 1988. Throughout the years my mom would say the same thing with each new coach. “Not going to bring a championship this year but will during his tenure.” At this point I don’t see it happening but I enjoy the ride. I think everyone on this board knows that the admin is only willing to do enough to keep ND football lucrative, so not embarrassing because the brand is pretty self sustaining. Big wins here and there are nice. Michigan 38-0, 2012, the Clemson win without Lawrence. It is what it is and I don’t think Freeman fixes it but who knows? Maybe he keeps Bowen and hits some home runs. We got Quinn and Clausen, Floyd, Manti. It only takes a couple big hits.
  2. I do think it is winnable but they are capable of a lot of offense if our secondary isn’t disciplined. That jump pass from the end zone should have been a pick six but for undisciplined corner play.
  3. 30 years of ND football have left me immune to butthurt I am more amused than anything else.
  4. I don’t hate BK. He accomplished one good thing in his time at ND, leaving. Sadly, he left his dignity in South Bend. Still waiting to see Hacksaw Brian Kelly make a video with overalls and no shirt singing Don’t Go Messin With a Country Boy. Win or lose we have years of entertainment ahead of us BK does his best Green Acres.
  5. GA takes the lead. Evening games looked promising turned to crap. LSU won GA and Clemson going to win. Lame. Aside from OK losing it was a pretty lame football day.
  6. Kelly face getting deep red. Any chance of a purple face? That is my favorite BK.
  7. Auburn blows. What a mess. Probably part crusty old man and part she’ll shock from 2005 but I hate the assisting the runner changes. The fact you can push a runner takes the fun out of short yardage defense.
  8. Kansas game is the only good afternoon game. Bama game already sucks.
  9. Hopefully this OK beat down I’ll give us some breathing room with the commits they are targeting.
  10. Kollie got away with a near personal foul on the QB going down. Needs to practice discipline and good judgment.
  11. The turnover on downs and quick score are a little deflating. Glad to see a long methodical drive right now. Lots of time off the clock.
  12. Not getting a clear look at much today. The camera crew got into Mack Browns special weed stash.
  13. Agreed. On the other hand you are behind by a million points don’t need to give yourself a stroke over a close call in a not close game. If they end up losing by 7 ala Cal then they can stroke out.
  14. I like the call. If they decide to kick after the timeout making them burn a timeout is a great win. I would like them to punch NC in the mouth.
  15. Crazy to me we can’t connect the dots. Good defensive stand and offense goes 3 and out. Good offensive drive and we give up the easy TD.
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