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  1. Kollie got away with a near personal foul on the QB going down. Needs to practice discipline and good judgment.
  2. The turnover on downs and quick score are a little deflating. Glad to see a long methodical drive right now. Lots of time off the clock.
  3. Not getting a clear look at much today. The camera crew got into Mack Browns special weed stash.
  4. Agreed. On the other hand you are behind by a million points don’t need to give yourself a stroke over a close call in a not close game. If they end up losing by 7 ala Cal then they can stroke out.
  5. I like the call. If they decide to kick after the timeout making them burn a timeout is a great win. I would like them to punch NC in the mouth.
  6. Crazy to me we can’t connect the dots. Good defensive stand and offense goes 3 and out. Good offensive drive and we give up the easy TD.
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