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  1. I wonder if it will work or if we announcement on Monday that Diaz is out and Cristobal is in. I still think he is a quality coach
  2. They did not. I guess Utah feels like they didn't get their point across last time.
  3. Lord give me strength. The comments on Twitter about the fake accent are hilarious. Thank God he didn't end up at Eastern Mississippi, can you imagine him with a do-rag, some Timberlands and some sagging oversized jeans?
  4. I sincerely hope he settles on a single QB model. I know that his career at ND and his tenure with BK has always had a change of pace QB but I hope that goes away.
  5. BK mastered the false start timeout, going to be tough to find a coach who can do that.
  6. He was a fantastic receiver. He is young and energetic. I like the rumor.
  7. Probably. FWIW I don't see this team going to Buckeye country with Kelly and coming out with a W. We will see how Freeman does.
  8. I think it depends on how Bama loses. Knowing Bama though, they will come out guns blazing and beat GA thoroughly screwing us over in the process.
  9. Jesus is an ND fan. I say Bama loses and Cincy loses and ND comes in at 4.
  10. That is what I was wondering about. But then, wouldn't they have vetted him at least fairly well before hiring him on as DC?
  11. Eep. Times like this that I pine for the simple days before HD cameras.
  12. That's fair, just had an awful shiver when I read that. It made me shiver so bad I didn't even notice that the next name was Brady Hoke. *shudder*
  13. Ya know, I really want to dislike the guy but honestly he seems like a pretty decent guy. Maybe it's all for show but I think the act of giving away all his bonus money to the athletic staff affected by Covid is pretty impressive.
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