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  1. Winston: FSU - 41 Notre Dame - 30 No Winston: FSU - 23
  2. http://blog.chron.com/tubular/files/2014/03/its-a-trap.gif But we win anyway. Irish - 53 'Heels - 16
  3. I believe that would be Domino's Pizza. :pizza::pizza: EDIT: He was the C:pizza:E:pizza:O and chairman of the board.
  4. What can I say, 55 is a nice number here in San Diego.
  5. ND wins, 55-0. Defense scores 2 TDs. Zaire comes in, throws for one and runs one in.
  6. Field goal clinches it as time expires. ND - 30 UM - 27
  7. Totally off topic, but I just realized that the Skunkbears open their season against Appalachian State... http://i.imgur.com/RsSNwZc.gif
  8. I dunno man, I was seeing it on the message boards at least an hour or two before anything was on ESPN.com. Unless you're talking about TV in which case I guess I wouldn't be surprised if that's all they talked about on SportsCenter during that same timeframe...
  9. Golson gets off to a shaky start. 13-10 at halftme. We start clicking in the second half. 30-19, good guys.
  10. You said it. I really like the white coaches' polo, but $80 is a joke. I knew that UA was a bit over-priced, but this is ridiculous. Guess my adidas gear is going to have to last me until the next clearance sale or until we find a new outfitter. Good looking apparel, insane prices.
  11. It may be 11:50 at night, but I went from 'meh' to PUMPED after watching Lou's speech. GO IRISH! BEAT TROJANS!!!
  12. If we don't win, Thanksgiving is going to be a miserable experience. ND - 34 U$C - 17
  13. My thought is this... We SHOULD put up 50+ against a teams like Temple, Air Force, Tulsa, Pitt, Navy, Purdue, etc. We don't. We SHOULD be able to comfortably maintain a 20+ point margin of victory. We don't. If we're using the "elite" teams as a benchmark of where we should be, then we should expect to put up 50+ points against unranked teams. We should make scoring 40 points look effortless. For whatever reason, and I think we've all noticed this over the last 10 years or so, we play down to the level of our opponent. We do just enough to win a game, and that's really the only thing we do consistently. I don't know if that's coaching or playcalling or game management or individual players, but the coaches and sportswriters see this, and in their eyes, we aren't deserving of the same consideration that 'Bama, Oregon, Baylor, etc. are. "A win is a win" will get you a fairly good amount, but without style, without swagger, without that elite level of gameplay, it's just not enough. We can debate whether or not that's fair, but they gave us a chance last year and we blew it. Until we can prove that we can comfortably win by 3 or more TDs on a consistent basis, I just don't see us getting back to the 'Ship. Such is the state of modern college football.
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