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  1. It’s a prediction thread and that thought it’s a projection. It’s not as far fetched as you’re making it out to be… outside of Wisconsin, when did Hart look like an all world corner? If he was so solid they would have moved him to the boundary vs OSU but they didn’t. Hart started at boundary and was moved due to his play in that position. Just because some so called “draft pundit” has him as a 3rd to 4th round pick means nothing. He’s yet to be drafted or make a roster. Mickey shows much more ability on tape than Hart or any corner on the roster coming out of high school, I’ll stick with my projection and you can bookmark this if you want to call me out later.
  2. I said Hart was the best corner but was he not the field corner? He’s already if ever facing a teams best receiver. The best corner on this roster is not saying much and that is the point. Mickey only needs to beat out Lewis/Riley/Barnes to start, Tobias has 4 or 5 guys to jump and Sneed probably one or two.
  3. Neither of these groups is lacking like CB is. Lewis’ experience is null as he’s a MAC level talent. Hart is solid but has played one year and cannot tackle. if Riley couldn’t beat out Lewis, there’s a good chance Mickey might be the best corner the minute he steps on campus. Same can probably be said for Sneed but not Tobias.
  4. If you could only pick one, which incoming recruit do you think will have the biggest impact on the team? I think Sneed is the easy pick but I am going with Mickey. The fact none of the freshman last year could beat out Lewis is a troubling sign. Watching his HS tape, you can see Mickey possesses loose hips, quickness and superb change of direction that none of the current ND corners have displayed. I think he has a great shot at starting week one, partly due to his ability but mostly due to lacklustre cornerback recruiting. What say you guys?
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