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  1. I have to agree. We ran Wimbush a lot because the staff didn’t trust him throwing the ball. We saw them try versus Ball State and that led to the Book era. Book had great improvisational skills but the majority of his runs were called pass plays because he couldn’t get through his progressions or see the field due to his size. I think we’ll see lots of designed runs, RPOs, qb draws, lots of play action and rolling out as Buchner throws well on the run. He’s not as shifty as book and doesn’t have the straight line speed of Wimbush, but he can beat with you speed and will throw a stiff arm or run you over.
  2. I think Rubio is a huge wild card. Lacey and across are both pretty small dudes and are solid but neither jump off the screen. I read an article where Heistand and some of the linemen were absolutely raving about Rubio. He is an absolute mountain and is more talented than any tackle on the roster. I think we see him early and often vs OSU… and we will need him with Henderson back there.
  3. While I share some of your concerns, he is going to open up massive running lanes for Tyree and Estime. The threat of him running is going to hold that linebacker for just a second creating a massive crease. Remember some of those lanes we saw in 2017 with Wimbush? Get used to that. We know Buchner is a better passer and just wait until ND starts with the play action to their stable of tight ends. The jury is out on Buchner, but this team can win ten games just based on their ability to run the ball.
  4. My expectation is for him to be the difference maker versus top teams. We saw that Book and Coan were game managers who just couldn’t rise to the occasion. We have always had the talent to beat anyone, we’ve just never had a Trevor Lawrence or Bryce Young. This team needs to go 10-2 at worst, anything less is a disappointment. I expect him to beat one of Clemson or OSU and get rid of the narrative that ND can’t win on the big stage. If he doesn’t pan out, we are going to hear the same story about ND shrinking and being unable to develop QBs. My expectation is he’s a heisman contender. I’m sick of the game managers and I’ve heard too much hype. He is surrounded by 4 star talent at OL, TE, RB and WR. ND needs a star at QB more than anyone and Buchner needs to be that star.
  5. I mean Oregon did it last year, no reason ND can’t do it with more talent. it’s going to come down to their receivers vs our dbs. Their strength vs our perceived weakness. Mickey, Bracy, Barnes or Riley… please step up.
  6. I feel awful for this young man, I’m praying he gets another year of eligibility and recovers quickly. Watt back to WR is a no brainer IMO. He knows both positions and is going to provide key depth at both. Bellamy and Tucker played some WR in high school, they may need to cross train. We now need to utilize our deep stable of tight ends, and Staes is practically an oversized receiver. The sky Isn’t falling yet but it’s close. Still can’t believe we didn’t snag one receiver from the portal.
  7. Oh yeah, its extremely disappointing he hasn’t nailed down the job by now. I’m just saying, if you give me last years tape, I’m starting Bauer over Bertrand at the Horseshoe.
  8. Not sure where the Bauer hate is coming from. As good as Bertrand has looked, he lacks speed and has gotten beaten to the edge a fair number of times versus athletic qbs. Those concerns aren’t present with Bauer on the field.
  9. Yeah same here. With the question marks at QB, defensive back and receiver, I thought we would be around 10. I definitely thought Oklahoma State would be ahead of us. Numbers 5-11 could all be interchanged though. It will help the ratings to have a top 5 matchup week one, however we are a 2 touchdown underdog and I believe that is only expected to grow.
  10. I’m telling you right now, if Brown starts against Ohio State, I can guarantee we are going to get torched over the top. Go watch the games against UNC and OSU last year. There were times he had a perfect angle and still didn’t even get a hand on the guy with the ball. Brown isn’t a bad player, it’s just that Ohio State is way too athletic and a terrible matchup for him. Henderson and Watts can probably hold their own in that game, but Ohio State is still going to get theirs.
  11. Forgot about him… what a whiff, I expected a lot more of an All-American.
  12. Yeah I’m starting to question PFF’s grading system because there is no way Lugg was our best lineman last year. If my memory serves me correct, he struggled more than anyone down the stretch.
  13. Well it’s more than being athletic… I’m only going off what I’ve seen in practice and his HS tape, but Walters is plenty athletic. Watts is forsure more athletic but we have no clue if he can tackle, get off blocks, take good angles, etc…. IMO you move Watts back to WR with the lack of depth there.
  14. Griffith has been a major disappointment but we just disagree on Brown. Slow foot speed and poor angles is what I remember from last year and I fear how badly OSU will exploit him. I still think you get someone like Henderson or Walters ready to start as they may be our only other guys with the athletic ability to not get exposed vs the top tier teams. I think Brown is a group of 5 level player. Only time will tell.
  15. I like Henderson, Griffith or Walters over Brown. Brown is way too slow to play at this level. Same goes for Lewis, OSU is going to rip him to shreds if he sees the field. I think Mickey or Barnes beat him out. I also think Bauer>Bertrand. I didn’t realize how much depth we had on defense.
  16. I like the list. Only disagreement is I think Spindler starts and Salerno is not going to see reps this year. I think Lenzy is in the slot and I think Merriweather is a dark horse to beat out Thomas and Colzie.
  17. If ND joins the BIG 10, I think you’d want that league to be as competitive as possible. From a football standpoint, I think you add or try to add: Clemson, Washington, Oregon, UNC, PITT, Oklahoma State, Duke, Utah, VT, UVA and Stanford. this would allow for 4 divisions. Stanford, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, Oregon and Oklahoma State could be apart of the Western division which would lessen travel, although having USC play the traditional BIG ten powers seems alluring. Colorado and Oregon State make more geographical sense than Oklahoma State but it’s all hypothetical. Even with 6 division games, you still get at least 4 games with teams outside of your division.
  18. IMO it’s a no brainer for ND to join the BIG 10. I’m curious to see how big these two conferences get. Is the BIG 10 two conferences? Or 4 divisions? Presuming Florida State and Miami are SEC bound, I think Clemson is one of the biggest dominoes, if not the biggest after ND. I could see Clemson in either the SEC or BIG 10, and they are probably the only school outside of ND that can move the needle football wise. Oregon, Pitt, Washington, UNC, VT and Oklahoma State, among others, will be interesting to watch. College football will never look the same, for better for worse. The days of meaningless cupcakes may be gone and I think we’ll get a better product on Saturdays.
  19. This kid makes the QB position look effortless. His footwork, pocket presence, going through progression, release, etc… look so easy and natural. The only concern on tape is he seems to slightly under throw some deep balls. His arm strength might be a B, but he is top notch in every other category. He’s young so filling out may help his arm strength, maybe he even grows an inch or two? Still young… huge commit!
  20. Wouldn’t put the tampering past Riley. If we assume this is new, I would bet he sees the writing on the wall with Price and Estime.
  21. I think it shows how far we are from the top when 3 or 4 schools had the same or more players drafted in the first round than we had in the entire draft. We know ND lacks top talent but we’ve had what, 2 defensive first round picks in the last 12 years? Georgia had 6 this year. ND is still at least 3 solid recruiting classes away from a Georgia, Bama or OSU… and we better hope Buchner hits or we land a stud in the future. I’m glad Freeman can close the gap on that end, and I hope he learned from some of his management issues in the Fiesta Bowl.
  22. With Henderson, Walters, Joseph and Griffith, why don't they move Watts back to receiver? Seems like it makes too much logical sense. Jayden Thomas looks like he's ready to make a move as well. We just have so little depth there.
  23. I have been high on Pyne but he was absolutely dreadful today. If Pyne is to be a success he needs to be accurate and he was anything but. Spring games don't mean much but Buchner needs to pan out more than anything and stay healthy. Pyne wasted an opportunity today and he looked MAC calibre today. Estime has me giddy! I am a sucker for a power back and I think he will complement Tyree/Prince well.
  24. Yeah, I think Harrison and Kyle Hamilton take the all decade spots.
  25. Seeing all the former players today made me realize just how good the 2010’s were. So I think it is time we give some appreciation to the under appreciated. No rules, I'd expect none of these players to be on any all decade teams. QB- Rees: He saved 2010, beating a ranked Utah, USC on the road and Miami in the Sun bowl. Without him we don’t make the NC in 2012. RB- George Atkinson: RIP. Very underutilized, although he was behind some great backs. A human highlight real, I’ll never forget that run vs OU. TE- Troy Niklas: For all my complaints of Kelly, he was great at recruiting athletes and finding a place for them to succeed. WR- Davaris Daniels: Imagine if he had a great QB. WR- Chris Brown: Speed for days. WR- Finke: A modern day Rudy. T- Christian Lombard: Solid yet unspectacular. G- Trevor Robinson: Played on some great lines. C- Braxton Cave: Bring your lunch pale, one tough sob. G- Nick Martin: Versatile player who could play guard or centre. T- Liam Eichenberg: this was tough as ND was loaded at tackle this decade. DE- Romeo Okwara: Worked hard in the weight room and broke out in 2015. DT- Daniel Cage: Good luck on third and short. DT- Sheldon Day: 4 year starter, reliable and sneaky quick. DE- Ade Ogundeji: Overshadowed by the other great players on those defensive lines. OLB- Prince Shembo: Very good edge rusher. MLB- Nyles Morgan: Loved his game. OLB- James Onwualu: Another player who switched positions. CB- Bennett Jackson: Outshined by the corner opposite of him, another former offensive player. Physical and great ball skills. CB- Robert Blanton: Had a knack for the big play. S- Matthias Farley: Had a knack for the big play as well, seemingly always at the right time. S- Alohi Gilman: one of our best transfers, tough as nails and made some big plays. KR- CJ Sanders: a shame he transferred. PR- John Goodman: the king of the fair catch. Honorable Mention: Tommy Tremble, Tori Hunter, Brandon Wimbush, Dan Fox, Asmar Bilal, Joe Schmidt, Jarron Jones, Kurt Hinish, MTA, Tony Springman, Tony Jones, KLM, Nick Coleman, Troy Pride, Jalen Elliott, Shaun Crawford. Lets see who you guys have.
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