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  1. Again… fire Quinn. These BK buddy hires never work out… looking at you BVG. End it before it costs is a playoff spot like 2015 Stanford. This won’t end well. Offensively, this team might be 2016 bad without a change. It’s all On the O line and with our recruits this is way past unacceptable.
  2. Tosh Baker was a borderline five star…. If they can’t get him ready at this point in his career it’s coaching and development. Carmody is no scrub either and neither are any of the other starters but they all looked terrible. When was the last time a team that recruited like us on the offensive line got dominated by a MAC team? Probably the Ball State debacle. Also the linemen who got drafted had more to do with Harry’s recruiting than Quinn’s ‘coaching’.
  3. Think you summed it up pretty well. I don’t know if the short week had anything to do with how we looked. Let’s hope Toledo runs the table and/or wins the MAC. I do think they might be pretty good as well. can’t get over how bad the offensive line looked. 4 and 5 stars all around and we can’t get a push vs Toledo… unacceptable. You’d never see this from any of the perennial top 5 teams. Quinn needs to go or else we are all in for a long season.
  4. This is unacceptable. I get we have some new guys but we recruit well on the o line. This is a lack of development and poor coaching. We can’t pass or run block vs Toledo? It’s going to be a long year if Quinn remains the offensive line coach.
  5. Yup, we just don’t have the personnel to run it effectively. Maybe in a few years but I’ve seen enough for now, unless we are playing the Graham Harrell Texas Tech teams.
  6. 1) Coan is no game manager and might be a heisman contender. 2) Freeman is no Lea. He may be a better recruiter but Lea was a master at adjusting. I saw the opposite from Freeman. The sky is not falling yet, but the playcalling at the end was horrific. 3) the O line will figure things out, but I think the passing game carries this team. Might be our best collection of playmakers since 2015. 4) This was the worst tackling I’ve seen from an ND defence since 2016. Linebackers were awful and need to be better. 5) this might end up being one of our better wins. It’s early but I could see FSU being a top 20 team.
  7. From what I’ve seen from Keys I have never been overly impressed. He’s small, has questionable hands and is not a burner like Lenzy. this will only be an issue if we start seeing injuries at receiver like we have at linebacker.
  8. I can’t remember a season with this many injuries to key players and we are only 1 week in. Simon, Marist, Moala, Fisher, Batman, am I missing anyone? I hope I’m wrong but I think this may cost us a game. Why don’t we move Osita Ekwonu back to linebacker?
  9. Pyne has a great offer list, but we all evaluate positions differently and qb is the toughest. Just look at our short qbs, what would Book be without his legs? What would Golson be without his rocket arm and elusiveness? Short qbs need to be exceptional in one thing, Pyne might have the accuracy but that’s yet to be seen. I also think he’s well under 6’0. I really don’t care who emerges, as long as they win games and can elevate the qb position. Safest bet is Coan and transition to Buchner.
  10. Coan is the safest bet. He gives us the experience and ball security that Book did. Buchner is by far the most talented and Clarke is the dark horse IMO. Don’t write off Buchner if he is as advertised, we might go through growing pains but it will be worth it. I don’t think Pyne has a future here. Guys his height need to have either Kyler Murray type athleticism or Drew Brees’ accuracy, he has neither.
  11. I am still wondering where this up tempo offence that made him a hot commodity at Cincy is. We have enough depth where we can roll out defensive players in the instance they get gassed. The offence is stale and seems overly simplistic. We should be able to stretch defenses next year with our receiving core. O line and QB will be a huge question. BK is predictable and will probably start Coan, but I’ve never been more confident in a QB recruit than Buchner. This guy is the new age qb, tall, strong arm and a very good athlete. Freshman qbs are succeeding, let the best man win.
  12. 1- Matt Campbell 2- PJ Fleck 3- Tom Allen
  13. They definitely have more upside but this is a great move. He has experience, can move and is accurate. Let’s also not forget he is surrounded by more talent here. He might not even win the job, but he likely will because BK will trust him. Great insurance policy when we’re going into the season with so many unknowns.
  14. I’m expecting a few more to enter as well, unfortunately I see Lenzy entering as well.
  15. Something needs to be done. Bama is a semi pro team, not all of their athletes are students-athletes. The playoff has hurt college football and has amplified the disparities. The name, image and likeness might help. I’ve heard the idea of a commissioner being floated around. However, they need to level the playing field because Bama, OSU and Clemson get all the players. Expanded playoff wouldn’t hurt, but there would be a ton more blowouts.
  16. -Kelly is a big step behind Dabo/Saban and gets exposed more when there is extra prep time. -Conservative/scared coming out of the tunnel and they called plays the same way. -ND needs an elite qb and more speed at WR/CB.
  17. Lewis has no business starting on a playoff team. The corner recruiting is unacceptable.
  18. BAMA-48 ND-31 That’s not the end of the world for ND. Crazier things have happened and I hope I’m wrong, but I need to be proven otherwise.
  19. I started watching in 2004 so I can’t comment on them all. I really like your receiver list. I have a few gripes with the running back list. This is just my opinion, but Kyren Williams is not in the same class as Gray, Wood, Prosise or Adams. Adams was a Heisman contender at one point, Jonas Gray was unstoppable until his injury, Wood and Prosise were just so talented. I think all should be in the top 6.
  20. Good question... this basically sums up the shortcomings of the BK era. Golson and Kizer both had rockets but were both turnover prone. Kizer also had the best straight line speed but Book might be the quickest and most elusive. Book is the most accurate, although that isn’t saying much. None were great in the pocket and Golson has the quickest release. All 3 have major flaws. Kizer likely gives us the best chance to win a one off game. Issue is Kizer would have lost another game or two due to his turnovers. Book is the easy choice because he protects the ball and always makes enough plays to beat the teams ND has more talent than. I still think Kiel would have changed things if he stayed in 2013. Here’s to hoping Buchner is our saviour...
  21. I will consider a loss of 14 or less as a win. Bama has been pounding everyone and I don’t expect it to be any different when we play them. Keep it respectable and the next time we’re considered for a playoff spot, maybe we’ll get the benefit of the doubt.
  22. Elite corner Elite wr Elite qb More 5 stars I don’t know anymore... I’m at a loss for words. If we go up 10-0 and convert the fourth down, I’m sure the game turns out differently. Only thing is the result is always the same, so the ‘what if’ game isn’t valid.
  23. This is gonna get ugly... hope I’m wrong but I haven’t seen anything to prove to me otherwise.
  24. However big of a pipe dream this is, you’d need to ‘move on’ from Kelly if you could get Meyer. He’s done a great job building this program up, but we know he’ll never get over that final hump. Plus, I wonder if they want him passing Rockne on the all time wins list.
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