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  1. Are they pushing themselves into the bubble picture?
  2. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Jaxson-Dart-where-will-he-transfer-Notre-Dame-Georgia-BYU-Utah-180370276/Amp/ i really hope ND reaches out. I mean we reached out to Slovis and he was benched for Dart.
  3. For sure Texas will be back, as long as they get the coach right. I saw something about them guaranteeing contracts for o line commits ($50000), but could have been more. I actually think it will be good for college football but will eventually lead to the power 5 breaking off from the group of 5. Lets all hope ND is willing to open up the cheque book ala A&M.
  4. Look at the 5 stars and top 100 talent on both teams. ND is 3-4 classes away, along with a great QB. Something needs to change, whether that is tossing money at players or something else… until then ND won’t sniff a NC.
  5. Honestly I was cheering for Georgia but if more titles means Saban retires earlier then I am all for it!
  6. This is all about money now, nothing to do with education. You need some type of regulating body for this NIL crap. Leaving a top 10 program where you’re the starter is just a bad look IMO. Alabama, Georgia, OSU and A&M will be ruining the sport even further as they hoard all the talent. They are no longer student athletes, heck look at some of the majors and classes at football factories… it’s pathetic. Maybe BK saw the writing on the wall. Either way, the gap between ND and the rest will continue to widen. Adapt to the new landscape or get left in the dust.
  7. Spot on… with each passing day I don’t think I’ll ever see ND win a title.
  8. Looks like Foskey is returning. Not sure if or how credible this is, but if true this is huge news.
  9. Well the fact he was only in that spot 6 times in 4 years is more significant IMO.
  10. I beg to differ. I can’t think of a game from 2018 to now where lack of halftime adjustments cost ND a game. Maybe 2010-2016 though.
  11. I am all for giving the players some power. I will argue however that the majority of players commit to a school because of the school and not the coach. There are a few exceptions of course, but you can bet the majority of guys commit to ND for ND, not the coach. I think the problem comes when guys are transferring to other schools because they are being offered more money. How do we know that money is legit? This is where the problem lies.
  12. I really think things are going to get out of hand with these changes to the CFB landscape. It’s like the Wild West out there, some schools are promising salaries and others are taking 15-20 transfers each season. Do you now sign 25-30 kids each season anticipating transfers when kids are upset they’re not number 1 on the depth chart by their sophomore season? How does the NCAA get a grip on this? We are seeing some guys transfer 3-4 times throughout their college career and to me this seems a little ridiculous. The NIL is going to be much tougher to regulate. We know the SEC schools were tossing bags of money at these kids prior. Now they can justify that under the guise of the NIL. I’m curious to see everyone’s thoughts on how to navigate this. It’s not going anywhere and the sport will be drastically changed, for better or for worse.
  13. Lea was much more conservative on D and he told you what he thought about Lewis. Granted it was against Bama… but I swear he had Lewis 15 yards off the line at times. He played ten yards off most of 2020 if I remember correctly.
  14. If Freeman can win 9 or 10 games next year then I think it is a huge success. Anything under 8 and fans, including myself, will not be happy.
  15. I think we’ll see some of Rubio in the d line rotation, possibly a few others. I also remember Justin Walters making quite an impression in the spring and summer. He’s a name to keep an eye out for at the safety opposite Henderson. I’ve been very critical of Lewis since 2020, he just doesn’t have the speed for this level of football and he never will. It would help if he was a technician but he isn’t. Boundary corner-Hart Field corner- battle between Riley, Barnes, Mickey and Morrison. This is going to be interesting. If Lewis starts, that is on coaching as all of these players have much more ability. nickel- Bracy? Does he have another year?
  16. Same with Michigan/Georgia. There’s something different about getting a month to prepare for these games. ND sure stood toe to toe with Georgia in 2017 and 2019, however we know that wouldn’t happen during bowl season for whatever reason.
  17. I don’t view Elder as negatively as most here. I think having a differing opinion such as him can add to the discussion, however it rarely does due to his delivery. If you think he’s bad now, you should have seen him a few years ago when every post ended in name calling or some other derogatory comment.
  18. Yeah this might be an indictment of what the current receiving group thinks of the qbs on the roster. Big mentioned Davis and Lenzy leaning towards moving on as well and there were rumours of Styles/Colzie transferring. What a nightmare.
  19. https://mobile.twitter.com/PeteSampson_/status/1477722603393409028?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet This is going to hurt. I thought he would come back as he is far from a finished product. All the best to him!
  20. Where did you hear this? This would be a nightmare if true. Only Austin has NFL prospects, but a transfer for any of these guys would be odd. We really need a 2022 recruit and a few transfers. Maybe Watts can move back.
  21. If you’re using that logic then I think you could put Clemson in OSU’s class. Look at their track record. The recruit as good or better than ND and have a top QB coming in. USC on the road should be tough but we need to win. Riley will have them competing at a high level in 2-3 years.
  22. Yeah. Definitely going to need to find a QB and start utilizing the portal. Of course this will all be for naught if Freeman and Co. don’t pan out.
  23. Look at Weis’ 2008 class and Kelly’s 2011 class. ND sells itself and if Freeman is half the recruiter people say he is ND will attract talent.
  24. I would expect ND to open as double digit underdogs. New coach, new QB and we just don’t have any defensive backs who are able to run with their receivers (only two teams do). It’s going to be a rough start for Freeman. If we had won today, I don’t think a blowout loss would be such a big deal. If we get killed then I think the doubters will start to come in droves.
  25. I hope what we saw (poor fundamentals, no halftime adjustments) does not become the norm. I sure hope he is the recruiter everyone says he is because that’s not going to get it done with the rosters current talent.
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