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  1. Love it! And how awesome would it be if he won a major bowl before Kelly lol
  2. I love this story if true. ND is not a place for your first head coaching job but the timing sucks at the moment. We need to hold this class together and this program is in such a good spot, we could gamble on Freeman for 2-3 years.
  3. Home run is Urban Meyer or Saban, sure things. Please make your case as to why you think Fickell is a HR. That’s one hell of a claim.
  4. Looks like it is down to Freeman, Fickell and Campbell. Freeman is a major risk but has sky high potential. Fickell and Campbell are not home runs, however both will not bust and have shown they can do more with less.
  5. That he did, however it is probably the most poorly coached regular season game by Kelly since the NC state debacle in the hurricane. Regardless I am not sold. There are certain group of 5 jobs (Houston, UCF, Cincy) that have a bevy of coaches who always succeed. Is it their ability or weak competition? I’ll go with the latter.
  6. Why is Fickell seen as some god? He went 6-7 at Ohio State for crying out loud. Who’s he beat at Cincy? The AAC is a joke. Campbell has done more with less, maybe not a homerun but you can’t recruit elite talent to ISU. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about Chris Peterson, he did take Washington to a playoff after all. He’s also won major bowl games with less talent. He’s a step up from Kelly IMO.
  7. Probably a better chance than if Kelly stayed. Kelly has been great these last 5 years at beating the teams he was supposed to. How many teams did he beat with elite talent? Not sure how that’s going to work out in the SEC… time will tell.
  8. I’m not sure about Fickell. How on earth do you go 6-7 at OSU? At least when Kelly was at Cinci they were in the Big East. Fickell is beating up on really poor competition. He’s had some nice wins but I’m not sold.
  9. Dave Clawson is an intriguing name. It is not easy to win at Wake and he has done a really good job there.
  10. I have my reservations. He’s piled up wins vs crappy competition. He has some nice wins, but how do you go 6-7 with all that talent at Ohio State? And in the Big Ten? Baffling.
  11. Freeman will be interim for the bowl game. Wouldn’t that be something if he won a major bowl in his first game and BK couldn’t do it in 11 seasons.
  12. With what has happened the past two days anything is possible.
  13. Exactly… easier said than done. However this wasn’t ND’s choice, unless they were foolish enough not to match.
  14. Let’s get a list going here. -Urban Meyer -Marcus Freeman -Chris Peterson -Matt Rhule -PJ Fleck -Matt Campbell -Mario Cristobal -Luke Fickell Please add to this as this is just what popped up at the top of my head. Only one of these would be a home run and we know who that is.
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