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  1. I like the positivity, but let’s not get carried away. We were able to run the ball effectively because UNC has arguably the worst P5 defence in college football. ND couldn’t run the ball vs Okie State, OSU and Marshall because the offensive line couldn’t get a push. Some will say it’s because we were up against a stacked box and while there is some truth to that, HH’s lines have always laid an egg vs teams with equal or greater talent (lesser in Marshall and Okie State’s case). I’ll stop worrying once we dominate the LOS vs teams like BYU and Syracuse. I don’t expect them to dominate Clemson but for crying out loud just don’t get manhandled all game… they’re going to have to run for about 150-200 for us to win that game.
  2. We just lack a great linebacker right now. We always had elite athletes at linebacker when we made he playoffs. Tranquill, Coney, Morgan, Bilal, White and Owusu were better than anyone on the team right now. Who’s going to run down Caleb Williams or DJ on a critical third down? I think Kollie may be one of the only LB’s on the roster who can make that play. We’ve seen our current crop get exposed versus elite teams, I don’t need to see it again.
  3. Things of note: Lewis has been passed by both freshmen. Lewis was beat badly on a deep ball last week, he just doesn’t have the speed for this level. How Riley or Barnes couldn’t beat him out last year really says a lot about corner recruiting as of late. Rylie Mills had two sacks and only 31 snaps, love that productivity. I would like to see more of Kollie, Rubio and Merriweather.
  4. Yeah, but two of the deep balls were on Hart and Lewis. Lewis just got beat clean with speed, that’s going to happen against good offences. Hart made a bad decision on the deep ball late. Not sure who got beat on the other deep TD. Either way, it’s looking like Morrison and Mickey have passed Lewis.
  5. We’ve seen HH’s lines push around teams like UNC consistently. The outcome today didn’t surprise me. ND will never push around Clemson or OSU like they did today, but they can’t get completely manhandled. If ND is unable to run the ball vs Clemson, we are right back where we’ve always been with HH.
  6. - Offence looked great. Offensive line finally controlled the LOS, Rees called a good game and we have some semblance of a passing offence. As good as the o line was, thunder and lightning may have been better. - The young dbs continue to look good (Watts, Mickey and Morrison). There were a few deep balls, but guys were in good positioning (minus Cam Hart at the end). - I am now a believer again, so much so that I can see a way this team runs the table. I hope the boys take it one game at a time, we should beat BYU on talent alone.
  7. Loved the production from the offence in the first half. I will caution people however, since UNC is pretty bad on defence.
  8. The defence looks much better without Bertrand. I am actually worried for the second half…. Let’s hope we can build a lead.
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