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  1. How many turning points does Kelly need? How many blow out losses to teams who consistently recruit and get 5 star talent do they need to see? While we recruit projects and turn them into good players they recruit 5 stars and build them into The 14-15 point losses we eat every year. We will never win until we can get players who give you those extra 15-20 points to put it out of reach. This is just wash, rinse, repeat.
  2. Once again a Kelly coached squad getting blown out on the big stage.
  3. Michigan looked really bad. That young back they have is sloooow. I wasn’t impressed. Finebaum May want to retract that Michigan ND outcome.
  4. Hopefully he can develop into a Chad Greenway type player. Almost the same build coming into school and not highly thought of much like Chad. Loved Greenway as a player.
  5. Looks like he'd have elite level ball skills from the safety position. Loved how he high pointed the ball. Lots to love and lots to work with. Sounds like a great kid that "gets it"
  6. Agree bro! I am really disappointed in this class....cant help it! I have barely even logged into the site to see whos coming and who isn't.
  7. Bye mother trucker and don't let the door hit ya in the *** on the way out!
  8. Footballs a violent sport. These guys are trying to physically overpower each other on every play. Tempers flare but he shouldn't have brushed his helmet with his foot. No flags for flagrant hits to our guys all season. Seems Notre Dame is under the spotlight big time right now. Even going back to last year...Decker pushing Smith after the play was essentially over and Smith still isn't right.
  9. Adams wasn't fast to begin with. He needs a head of steam to get going and our line isn't providing him the space he needs. Speed is not his game. I'd say Williams needs more of an opportunity and hopefully moving forward he will now get his chance. He was the higher rated recruit and needs to show it moving forward. Adams can crash and get the tough yards but he's not Williams. Just throwing this out there as others have...Adams also looks emotionless. No passion or fire driving his legs.
  10. I said last week this feels like Kelly's end!
  11. To not go for it on fourth down was inexcusable! I knew the game was over right then and there! Kelly is not the man that will lead this team to a national title! Sorry ain't happenin!
  12. Kelly lost this game again with his f'ing stubbornness! Our running game has been nonexistent the first three games! I'm so sick of watching this team do just enough and try to hang on at the end or not do enough in the beginning and try to comeback to no avail! That gentleman has been the mark of this team the last few years and I'm over it! I want Kelly gone and BVG gone. It's time.
  13. Seen to many games like this under Kelly. Not enough in the beginning and attempt to comeback late. I'm over it!
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