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  1. All of these teams have 5-stars that don't pan out (We just had a former 5-star safety from OSU join us last year after an unremarkable career there). Additionally, we have young kids that earn playing time every year (hamilton, tyree, mayer, etc.). Anecdotally, I would share a concern that we're not A) getting enough 5stars and B) not getting enough of them to produce. But, I would dispute that ND is someone is a major outlier amongst blue-chips when it comes to this.
  2. JOK is going to buy some unwitting GM another year or two of work. Him falling out of the first can be chalked up solely to a lack of vision. He was hands down the best LB in the class and arguably in the running for the top defender but got pigeon-holed as a 'large safety/undersized lb' instead of "guy that sits on the field and makes plays and gives defense increased adaptability'. Tyrann Mathieu and Russell Wilson are two guys that were similarly pigeon-holed and I'm of the belief that JOK's impact will land somewhere between them. The lines get pretty blurry between him and Roquan Sm
  3. Hope this doesn't come across as sour grapes b/c I hold no grudges and wish this kid the best, buuuuuut... ...I have no idea why you wouldn't jump at the chance to play TE at ND. Of all the positions during the Kelly era, this one seems like the most sure-fire path to the next level. Seems like every starter has made that leap.
  4. This will be telling, for sure. But, personally, I don't enter the year expecting a line that is equivalent to last year's. More than any position other than QB, experience cannot be compensated for on OL. IMnoviceO, the list of coaches that can compensate for replacing that much experience w/o a perceptible drop off in performance is so short that you could call it generational. That's not to say we don't ask for it, that falling short of it would irreparably damage our performance next year or that it doesn't/does in and of itself define the quality of Quinn as an OL coach. Just not somethin
  5. I've been happy with the transition to the new owner/platform so far. One piece of feedback is that scrolling through threads, links and their preview images/'thumbnails' don't load on page load. And, when they do load, they take a second or two. In a number of threads, I would scroll to find where I last left off. That becomes a slower process with the aforementioned functionality. Is there a setting change I can make for my experience, is this something that can be addressed (w/o any undesirable performance impact) or do I need to change my approach (to either scroll post by post or memorize
  6. I mean, he is a Cardinal of John Paul II HS. :angel:
  7. As others have said, love the Burnham commitment. That kid looks every part a baller. Building on that, gotta love how Freeman has come out of the gates. It's the honeymoon period, so I'll certainly be withholding judgment until we actually get a number of games under our belt but couldn't be much happier with the initial returns. Hats off to the team.
  8. I certainly did. But, while this doesn't highlight WR's, it does show that BK is likely higher on that list than one might assume.
  9. I definitely agree with this. To add, ESB was by far and away the most hyped recruit of that group and he has, by far and away, had the least success in the NFL. The other four have every indication that they will sustain meaningful careers there. Given that those four were less-heralded recruits, this is something they can hang their hats on. Now, if we can get those results to translate to our passing attack more meaningfully.
  10. Everybody is entitled to an opinion. This captures your's with admirable efficiency.
  11. With the commitment of Price, it's pretty remarkable how far our RB position has come from a year ago. At this time last year, things looked a little sparse w/ the possible exception of an incoming freshman with good rankings. If ND can add one more quality recruit to the '22 class, we'd suddenly be looking about as deep as any team in the country. Way to go Lance Taylor and company.
  12. This 40 business seems like a fat nuthin-burger to me. The data on HS 40 times is notoriously unreliable on both sides (over and under representing actual speed). Plus, of all positions where 40 speed is less of a concern, collegiate MLB is gonna be pretty high on that list. Certainly great to have, but as I mentioned before, Manti was a living embodiment of how effective one can be in college with slower speed/agility vs. pros. He was in the running for the Heisman and has never been a consistent first stringer at the next level. I mean, Steve Filer ripped a 4.6 off prior to college and it di
  13. In college? Not really. Manti combined 4.8, after years in ND's S&C and I don't think anybody would punch many holes in his production for us.
  14. Thankfully, EVD was as much of a loss as Omar Hunter.
  15. What's it matter if Weis had s#!tt!er results, right? By any measure, his recruiting (and, while we're at it, player development) was inferior to Kelly's. The lines on both sides of the ball are shining examples of this. Not saying we shouldn't raise our expectations, just that a comparison with Weis really shouldn't do anything other than prove out that Kelly was better. IMHO, a better exercise would be to compare Kelly to Saban, Dabo, etc. since that's the final frontier that he needs to break into if we're going to be more competitive for NC's.
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