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  1. I'm no oline expert and I can't put my fingers on it, but Jagusah gives me distinct Rosenthal vibes. Keep my for a good result this week.
  2. Totally agreed that this was predictable. Well, I'm sure it's happened in the past but it will add a meaningful amount of pressure once this becomes public. And, admittedly, this will be really messy as programs/boosters/players figure out how to navigate this. Some programs/boosters will take the approach of coming out strong and throwing gobs (and assuming a ton of risks) and others will play the long game of having more bankable commitments (be that playing time or NIL). Miami/UM's boosters are clearly taking a big swing on the short game. They better hope that they don't wind up with another Quinn Ewers. I'd imagine, a program only gets so many of those before they start to build a bad wrap.
  3. My gut-reaction takes are (repeating my common refrain): Let's start the debate by acknowledging that boosters/programs have always been paying players which means that CFB has effectively been a pro sport already If a player flops and some idiot/program is in for $10M with said player, that's their fault for misjudging the talent and the market. Really, that's a great outcome. Now they're publically in for $10M that they can't spend somewhere else. What's the alternative? That sponsorship money goes somewhere else? Or, that we move it back to going under the table?
  4. (re)Posted from recruiting thread https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10040029-jaden-rashada-reportedly-agreed-to-95m-nil-contract-with-miami-booster-john-ruiz There are some posts in the 2023 recruiting thread but I'm moving this here so we don't hijack that thread.
  5. You should create a dedicated thread If sponsorship dollars in college football recruiting registers on the list of "problems that are most significantly contributing to societal decay" then things are a lot better off here than I had thought
  6. Agreed that the percentages are low. But, alternatively, the vast majority of college football players don't receive an education that prepares them for a post-college non-athletic career, let alone have available time or focus factor to consider non-football concerns without running the risk of eroding what little chance they have of an NFL career. Put another way, at this point in his life, someone at Moore's level is already so invested in football and so unlikely to establish the basis of another career over the next 2-3 years that he might as well continue to ride out this path.
  7. kinda feel we'd have a better shot at Young if they danced behind him with a 360-degree camera. That look alongside those icy whips? passe.
  8. Yeah, he and Keon ace the eyeball test.
  9. Live look at me, a (perhaps soon-to-be former) technologist, trying to wrap my head around commercializing a non-fungible digital token.
  10. Hiestand's track record with 3-stars is pretty stellar. And, this kid's tape definitely pops. As someone that has passing knowledge of OL theory and practice, I would have used the adjectives explosive and violent watch just a few clips of his film. This kid has a lot to work with.
  11. Can we really expect an answer to this sort of question? I mean, either this isn't happening (and he'll never say anything to that effect because it's not like people go around listing all of the things they're not going to do) or he is doing it, in which case he won't say it publicly (since that would hurt his efforts to gain followers, max NIL and, in general, establish a broad, marketable, reputation) and neither will schools since revealing that would hurt their broader recruiting efforts not to mention job prospects (see, Pearl, Bruce).
  12. I'm gonna hijack golson5's point a bit and say that "for ND to get to the top of the mountain, they'll need to be able to recruit blue chip QB's 3 out of every 4 years". So, in that sense, it shouldn't have an impact. Of course, in the present context, there's a distinct possibility it will have an impact. As a matter of fact, if history is any guide, it will. It's a great opportunity for the staff to show how big of a leap we're going to take.
  13. 247 lists Lloyd Carr as his grandfather.
  14. The one lineman from the vaunted '11 class that actually panned out. Won't ever forget his epic fumble rumble for a TD. Congrats to him on capping off a great career, collegiate and pro, and hoping his post-playing days are as productive.
  15. I think local businesses for sure. And, I would go back to 'where this all began' and say social media presence. I do wonder about apparel, which will certainly be a battleground since that is a major source of revenue for football programs. But, that wouldn't be the first time a player and a league locked horns over competing interests sponsorships
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