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  1. Happy for them both. They put in the effort, delivered and were great ambassadors for the program. They are both huge losses, no doubt about that. Hate to see them go. I sure hope they land in Chicago at the next level but I'll root for them all the same.
  2. 103 pages of a posts. I never thought I'd see that many on a "Deion Sanders Takes Buffs Job" thread.
  3. Don't know much about Leary but have seen some good things about him. Anybody have particular insights to offer?
  4. I dunno. Much of this is subjective and I don't see an easy way to pull data, but OP's comment rattled off about 10 names. Compare that to this list... https://www.ourlads.com/ncaa-football-depth-charts/active-nfl-players-by-college/notre-dame/91487 And it's easy to get to 15 names of players that are making a definite impact in the NFL. And, that doesn't even account for the fact that half of the names OP listed (Floyd, Watt, T'eo, Walls and Allen) all passing through the NFL like a bad taco. It's legitimate to say that Weis left better players at WR. Beyond that? Take away WR (and possibly QB) and I'd easily prefer every other position group in '22 to '12.
  5. damn, that's Cam Newton 2 Auburn kinda money.
  6. Double heisman confirmed....
  7. She sounds like a strong woman, Jesse. Tell her that we're all inspired by her and pulling for her continued improvement!
  8. what is there to say? We did it in every part of the game, all game. Dominant in the trenches.
  9. My father had a stroke in '91. Though he never returned to work, we had a wonderful quality of life for the next 28 years. Hoping that and more for you and your wife.
  10. This thrills me to no end. We're gonna kick his teeth in 3-4 times in his career.
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