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  1. If you are underperforming then someone has to be accountable. I’m not saying to fire anyone 2 games in, but someone has to be held responsible, and then if the underperforming continues then those responsible can be in the discussion for being fired. so, who right now is the main person for being held accountable? For me it is and always has been BK. He makes the hiring decisions on the position coaches. The buck ultimately stops with him.
  2. Agreed. He is the future. Get him the experience and get him ready for next year to be great.
  3. This line can’t do anything. It’s the worst I’ve seen in a long time. No toughness or identity whatsoever.
  4. Gotta keep Buchner in the game. Our Oline is horrible and Coan has no time. At least Buchner can run it. Mix in a throw or two with him to keep them off balance and keep moving the chains.
  5. This has been the most baffling defensive game plan I can remember….
  6. Hey guys. Been a while since I posted, but this story got my attention. I really don’t understand the full benefits for them joining the SEC. I guess it must be massive for them or they wouldn’t be doing it. IMO this will just put pressure on the B1G and ACC and ND to form a super conference as well in order to compete. As an old school guy, I really don’t like what is happening to CFB. I think it’s losing its history and character. I guess we will see how it shakes out.
  7. My thoughts exactly regarding Buchner. If he is as good as advertised then let’s roll with him. Coan is garbage. We must be the only team that thinks we can take a guy that couldn’t play well at a program like wisky and think he will be Joe Montana for us. I’ve said it before, all of the top programs that get top QB’s put them out on the field as freshmen—unless they have an absolute stud that is still a a senior. Put Buchner out there and let him learn and see what he can do.
  8. If Coan starts we are in big trouble.
  9. Why does Buchner have to be Trevor Lawrence to start day one? There are plenty of freshmen that start every year and produce. Some are elite like Lawrence and others do a solid job and gain the experience that makes them great in the years following. If starting freshman is stupid then why do so many teams across the country start freshmen year in and year out? And the good programs so it frequently. Must not be that dumb if it works for them. But we all know BK is smarter than all of them and that is why he would never do it.
  10. If Buchner is the real deal then we need to start him day 1 and let’s see what he can do. I have said this over and over: top programs don’t have issues starting freshmen at QB. The days of having a guy Ait and learn the system for a year or two are long gone. The top programs don’t do that for the most part. They put their top recruits on the field and let them play. This is another complaint I have with BK. Get Buchner on the field!!
  11. This is a great point. We keep racking up wins over bad to mediocre teams and then claim we are great because we had a 10 win season. The lack of big time meaningful wins is glaring over the last several years. Some people here are fine with this approach but it is just a house of cards and then when we play good teams it all comes crashing down.
  12. There is no fixing it. It is what it is at this point and it is too far gone. It is exactly like our political system.
  13. Who in the hell keeps a coach at a top program for 20-25 years that doesn’t win a NC, is O-fer in cfp/bcs games, gets embarrassed in nearly every big game they play, and is like 2 for 15 against top 5 teams???? That is laughable! No top program would keep him around for that long.
  14. Yes it would have. Because Dabo would recruit better and then ND would have more talent and win.
  15. Osu putting the beat down on Clemson sure makes us look even worse.
  16. There are a lot of teams in sports that have fired coaches right after their teams have had a good playoff run but fallen short. In all sports. Here is a better question for you: when has keeping a coach that is good but not great ever resulted in turning the program into elite? Very very rare.
  17. So the bar is 10’win seasons?? Oh ok. I thought it was to be elite and win championships. Again, that is how you look at life—you think avg to good is ok. I want ND to strive for more than that. I’m not ok beating a bunch of teams every year that we are favored to beat and getting to 10 wins. And then lose embarrassingly every time we play a great team. That’s like a participation trophy to me.
  18. According to some, unless we get Dabo, Saban or Urban then your statement is the best route. Lol
  19. BK has been here for 12 years. How is it impatient to want a change? What is dumb is keeping him and expecting to be great or elite.
  20. Bull!! Every time someone takes risks there are an overwhelming amount of people saying it is irrational. That’s why it is a risk! Sure some are more calculated than others, but they always usually require losing a lot in order to become great. That’s life.
  21. He was unproven before Utah gave him the HC spot. The point is that every coach is unproven at some point. If you don’t want to step out and take the risk to be great or elite, then you never will be. Period. Every great company, business, sports program, etc for the most part has a story of risking it all and/or taking a huge chance—usually with an overwhelming amount of naysayers like yourself—and then proved everyone wrong and succeeded against the odds. I would never fault the ND admin for taking risks and chances and failing. I fault them for never doing everything possible to be great and elite. Second tier might be ok for you in life but that is not how I look at things.
  22. This is the train of thought that kills me. It is the type of thinking that is the exact opposite of successful people, businesses, and programs in all walks of life. The majority of great coaches come from situations where no one knew of them or someone took a chance on coach and they turned into a star. Belicheck, Popovich, Riley, Swinney, Jackson, Meyer , etc were all unknown or unproven assistants or even failed coaches before they became great. There are other great coaches out there that are waiting for their chance and waiting to be discovered. The problem is that the ND admin has no desire to do the leg work to find who those potential candidates could be, AND THEN taking a chance on going after one of them and giving them an opportunity. ND wants the safe, predictable coach and they are fine with the results we currently have. But to say that the only great coaches are Dabo, Urban and Saban so if we can’t get one of them we need to stick with BK is just asinine and the thinking of a loser.
  23. Bama turned off the jets on us in the second half. I agree that Bama is the best team in the country and they will beat Clemson but I can guarantee you Clemson will be very respectable in that game. Hell, Florida was respectable vs Bama! All I am asking for is for us to be respectable and be in one of these games. That’s all.
  24. It would have been better for us to go to a NY6 bowl and get a decent win than to go thru another *** whipping like that. There is absolutely no good that comes out of making the CFP and just get drubbed like this consistently.
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