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  1. Agree Faith. Let’s see if he can get some big time studs here on the defense consistently.
  2. I feel your pain. Basically Elder is the only poster on here that nearly everyone wants to ignore and is making this forum spiral downward. It would just be easier and make everyone’s lives so much better if the mods just did the right thing and ban him for being a troll. I am all for good debate and differing opinions but it is obvious that Elder’s only motive on this board is to troll all members and hi jack every topic or discussion. There should be a “troll” clause in the TOS.
  3. Mods, would you all grow some balls and just ban this troll. He is a hating, argument baiting troll and adds nothing to this forum. There it is. Now do your jobs!
  4. As good as Coan looked in the first half he was equally as bad in the second half. Terrible throws and decision making.
  5. Coan is really playing well. Throwing it on time and accurately. Good to see!
  6. I’m just glad we came out fired up and ready to play. So many times under BK we just weren’t ready to play. Not the case today.
  7. Agreed. The key will be to play up tempo and get the ball out of Coan’s hands quickly. If we do that I think we will win by 10+.
  8. I’m waiting for the “objective” post you will write about what a “huge risk” Oklahoma is making in hiring a first time head coach……just to keep it fair in what you said about MF.
  9. This is ridiculous! I love how people like to throw out comments that can never be proven. Who knows if Lou would win today? The fact is he won then! And he beat some unbelievably talented teams during his tenure. His teams were ready and prepared in nearly every game they played. He got the most from the talent he had and he played by the same rules that everyone else did regarding rosters. I can play the ridiculous argument game too: Vince Lombardi would never win in today’s NFL. Wayne Gretzky would never have been the greatest in today’s NHL. Babe Ruth would just be an average player today. There is no way to prove these types of statements.
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