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  1. I will be the first to criticize MF if he can’t get the job done. I’m just willing to give him a season or two—especially since we gave BK as long as we did. Remember 2016?
  2. We aren’t going to lose this game. I was referring to crappy performances vs bad teams and not showing up in big games and getting boat raced. Starting to jog your memory now?
  3. This must be your first ND game. Welcome to DD! Just as an fyi, we had 10 years of this same shit under BK!
  4. I am so sick of seeing a soft, piss poor offensive line year in and year out! It is embarrassing
  5. Texas Twinkies and Beef ribs for tailgating! Accompanied by a Two Hearted Ale. Go Irish!!!!
  6. Just saw the documentary. Manti is a phenomenal human being. This solidifies why he is one of my favorite ND players ever. What happened to him on all fronts was a complete tragedy and there should be law that brings criminal charges against sick perverted people that do this type of thing. Manti has character beyond belief and is one of the strongest people around to be able to go thru everything he did and still be able to forgive. Much love and prayers to him and his wonderful family.
  7. I love pulling the guy right out of BK’s car port!
  8. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/recruiting/football/story/_/id/34212216/oregon-ducks-get-commitment-qb-dante-moore-no-8-college-football-recruit-2023 I think we saw the writing on the wall on this one.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. Makes sense.
  10. What this guy has done on the recruiting front and the high level of talent he is getting to ND is absolutely amazing. He is flat out embarrassing Brian Kelly in every aspect and making all of his excuses look ridiculous. I haven’t seen this level of talent coming to ND since the 80’s and early 90’s. Now, I understand he still has to develop them and coach them to maximize their talent, but so far this guy has delivered on everything he has done. I have no doubt he will be a great coach as well. so refreshing to see and so glad I don’t have to hear BK and all his BS. What a breath of fresh air!
  11. Just heard that he just announced for ND!
  12. Do you guys think that if Dante Moore doesn’t come to ND that we will then reclassify Carr to the 2023 class? I’m thinking ND is waiting to see what Moore does. If Moore chooses ND then I think they will keep Carr in the 2024 class. I may be completely off on this but wanted to get some you guys’ thoughts?
  13. our line is going to be filled with some serious earth movers!!! Wow! We are building an absolutely monstrous line!!
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