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  1. Who needs AC during this heatwave when you’ve got the breezes provided by all these whiffs from the offensive staff?
  2. Sure seems like there's a number of problems as it relates to the WR position. Looks at Del Alexander
  3. What's everyone's take on Joshua? Is he as good as his Rivals ranking?
  4. Agreed. Buchner is clearly talented, but I'm not even sold that he's a sure fire bet to pan out. They *have* to aim high and hit big on the 2023 class because they won't have anyone in the QB room besides Buchner that has talent that will scare the teams ND wants to compete against.
  5. Agreed. The QB room looks like a whole lotta warm bodies these days.
  6. I super don’t understand Notre Dame’s QB recruiting.
  7. I have high hopes for Tyler Buchner.
  8. I haven't been able to access it for a couple of weeks. I just get an HTTP Error.
  9. Whatever IE was doing in the transition sure has knocked the site offline for awhile.
  10. 10 years in, Kelly is what he is. He's shown enough to make me think he's firmly a notch below the best coaches in the country, just like ND has definitively proven it's a notch below the best teams in the country. That ain't changing while he's here; ND isn't recruiting or coaching like they need to catch Clemson/Bama/OSU/etc. And that's not to mention all the weird decisions he's made along the way with staff hirings or in-game coaching that you wouldn't expect from someone who had decades of head coaching experience before he even got here. It's weird how much learning on the job he's done at ND. That said, I don't feel any rush to push him out the door. I want ND to win a title, so if that's my want, it would make sense to look elsewhere. But at the same time, I know that Kelly is going to keep the program around the 10-win mark every year and that ain't nothing. He's done a lot to modernize the program, and I've seen enough situations like Texas/Tennessee/Nebraska/Michigan to know the grass ain't always greener.
  11. The kid's film is amazing, but it is also deeply frustrating because I can't get over the fear of the currently unknown way Tyler's play and confidence will tank in his second season with Kelly. I know it's coming, but I don't know what form it will take and I feel terrible for a kid with this much talent.
  12. With the exception of a couple of positions (*glares at Autry Denson*), Kelly has done a good job of making sure we have quality numbers everywhere. They may not be overwhelmingly talented at spots, but the second string guys who rotate in are able to be trusted to play at a high level. Weis had some amazing top-line talent, but everything after the starting 22 was a question mark and that really hurt the team.
  13. He seems properly rated to me. But he does have some athletic traits that could make me see him eventually developing to a four-star level. But right now, he makes total sense as a mid-range three-star.
  14. Feldman really going all-in on Chip Kelly, huh? I'm not sure that situation's going to work out.
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