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  1. Yes, but. The but, is that we have a new coach. Another year of Kelly/Kizer will be more of the same. If we're fated to have another season with Kelly, I'd want Wimbush to start with Kizer going to the NFL. I'd much prefer a new coach taking over the reigns with Kizer though.
  2. Gary. Definitely Gary. It may look scary at first glance. Or second. Or 50th. Pay that no mind. Definitely Gary.
  3. It's ok. Keep posting. Seriously. All the time. Don't ever quit. Unless you change your sig.
  4. Skipped denial myself. Went straight to anger. Plan on staying there indefinitely, just as I have over '91 Colorado and '05 USC.
  5. Great analysis. Thanks for running the numbers.
  6. A local article before Xmas reported his GPA as 2.8. With some hard work and a few A's this last semester that could have popped up to a 3 which might be the ND minimum for his SAT. I think a 2.8 would have been fine for the NCAA so my guess is that they were referring to ND eligible.
  7. I agree 100%. I feel like after the MSU fake field goal, Kelly's acted like he's allergic to doing anything on special teams out of fear of something like that happening again.
  8. I don't think Jaylon was Core6 according to their site, but McGovern was.
  9. Wondering the same thing. Seems like USC has been trying to rekindle the Carroll glory days by bringing in anyone that was there at the time. Sarkisian and the Ogre will recruit well (assuming the Ogre is staying based on rumors of him as the new DC)
  10. Sounds like the USPS lost 8 since wasn't it supposed to be 270?
  11. I felt the same way when I read the OP's quote and a few others. However, reading the Baltimore Sun article gave me a bit more understanding. Glad to hear he saved his income from football. Not many can say they have $3M socked away by 28 and can go do what makes them happy. The article also points out that much of the drinking was his way of coping with football and now that he's done playing he's no longer binge drinking. I wish he'd gone on to a hall of fame career, but if his heart wasn't in it, at least he's able to do what makes him happy now.
  12. I see our D improving next year if we get one or both of Tuitt/Nix back. If both leave, then I think we'll be worse off on D next year. An improved D next year along with a better offense thanks to Golson would do wonders for our record. I'm concerned about our OL next year though. Lots of good recruits, but losing Watt and Martin will hurt. They've quietly had a great year at least in pass protection. I don't think it's their fault we don't have a consistent run game either as that seems to come from play calling.
  13. Horseshit. He lowered his head to try and bullrush for the first down that was mere feet away. I'd agree with his interpretation if the guy was sliding. QBs are taught to give themselves up by sliding feet first, not go head first into a tackle. To say that was his intention is just intellectually dishonest.
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