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  1. you shouldn't be happy that a player got hurt
  2. like you said Sir John GG was 200% Irish. I will think of him everytime ND runs out onto the field knowing he has the best seat in the house
  3. I am going to miss GG very much. He was a large part of the ND family. We had a lot of fun on different ND boards talking back and forth. He loved ND and loved he faith from what I could gather by talking with him. God bless him and the young lady that passed away.
  4. prayers go out to him and his family
  5. thanks for the nice words
  6. I'm sorry but this is not going to be a good Super Bowl. Patriots win going away sorry Gaints fans.
  7. stonebreakerwasgod has to be on some kind of list
  8. lets hope he has a great visit our D-line sure could use him
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