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  1. Well Landry Jones has a habit of turning it over. Dude has 44 career INTs and it's no longer just Irish fans claiming this front seven will give him some heat.
  2. Many thanks bro. They've been kinda spaced out lately because of an altered work schedule. Love doing them and I think Matt Mulvey's insight is very special. His words on Rees/Golson last week were kind of surprising. I'll have another meeting with him this week.
  3. On a side note - I had hoped to be a bigger part of this message board during the 2012 season after joining in the offseason & really enjoying the chatter. Unfortunately "real life" has intervened on what was once 20+ hours/week dedicated to blogging-podcasting-commenting on boards. I've basked in the glory of this epic run as a fan and I check in on here when time permits. Beyond jacked for this Saturday. I believe the Irish CAN win this game and it shouldn't be a "shock" but it will be a battle reminiscent of years gone by if ND can pull it out. Hope those who follow my ND work have b
  4. Here's a look at Oklahoma's last 10 losses. *Spoiler Alert* for the old-school football lovers: when you out rush Oklahoma & win the turnover battle you're probably going to win. OU's last two losses (both in the last 12 months) have seen them gashed on the ground and coughing the ball up to an 8-1 disadvantage. Plenty of more tidbits and how other Irish strengths might favor them this weekend: http://www.subwaydomer.com/2012-articles/october/notredame-beating-oklahoma-2012.html
  5. On top of my regular QB breakdown with Matt Mulvey I had Wes Pritchett on last night's show to discuss what he's seen from the 2012 team so far. He also told a few Michigan stories and how Lou Holtz kept the team so focused on each game during the 1988 season. Also - I clipped off about 12 minutes of the Holtz interview from Oscar McBride's show where I was able to talk to coach about the team and Mark May. Fun stuff: Online: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tnndnradio/2012/09/17/nds-man-cave-qb-w-wes-pritchett-matt-mulvey-lou-holtz iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/new-nd-natio
  6. It was my genuine honor to speak with Coach Holtz tonight (Sunday) on the show I host with Oscar McBride. The show centers around building leadership through sports so Oscar gets in some questions on those topics before we get into how he even ended up at ESPN with Mark May and his thoughts on their differences. We moved on to the MSU win & 2012 schedule to which he came out and made the bold statement: "This schedule isn't as daunting as we once thought. It wouldn't shock me if they went undefeated. Brian Kelly is a good coach and I believe in what he is doing ..." Feel free to tun
  7. Thanks to those of you who've been tuning into our podcasts. If you did for Thursdays Down the Line, our boy Gerome Sapp had some great stuff during his Sapp on Sports segment. When asked about playing against State while at Notre Dame (99-02) he gave some great stuff while claiming they were the most classless group of players and athletic administrators he'd ever seen. These stories are paraphrased: #1 - In 2001 after beating ND in South Bend the players literally ripped the drywall and cielings out of the visitors locker room and tore it to shreds. MSU admits claimed "boys will be boys"
  8. Hondo certainly embraced some stretching of the truth there, maybe it's his schtick. I mean ... he watched ND-NAVY 11 times?!? haha I see where he's coming from in some regards trying to talk a little smack so it's all good.
  9. Well Mulvey knows more about QBs than all of us combined but he's grading things we can't even identify. He's constantly noting how he squares his shoulders and hips and noticing how Golson has improved in just handing off the ball on run plays. I think B- is fair when taking in the game as a whole. Golson wasn't in a great rhythm, something Mulvey kind of blamed on the coaches, at the end of the game and mentally just didn't seem fit to finish the 4th quarter. You toss in a fumble when leading by 7 and less than 4 minutes to go in the game and I think it's a fair grade.
  10. Thanks to those of you that have been tuning into the podcasts recently. I'm having a blast doing them. This week had regulars Matt Mulvey & John Walters along with Michigan State blogger Hondo Carpenter of SpartanNation.com Online version or iTunes Notes: Mulvey was critical of Golson on a few plays but overall thought he played well. Worth listening for his thoughts on why Rees was brought in. John Walters, by the way separate interview, agreed with the move as well for similar reasons and called the situation a "non-troversey" Speaking with Hondo Carpenter was a trip. He claime
  11. Delete this thread. Holtz cancelled last minute ... actually later than last minute as we'd already started the show. Apologies to anybody that tuned in.
  12. Appreciate it Oklahoma. I readily admit when I'm wrong because it's often. We all talk so much Irish that we're bound to do so. In this case particularly I went out of my way to say I hope I am wrong. Still a long season but the glimpse Saturday was so goddam refreshing from him.
  13. haha, no. I've only ever been in the Salt Lake City airport ... what did I say or do that would indicate that? I'm a Wagner College alum. Played football at Orange Coast Community College in CA, got a scholarship to the I-AA school in New York City. Whenever I tell ND guys I'm a junior college guy I feel the need to mention I'm a 2-time Scholar-Athlete Hall of Famer (HS & JUCO) and was a JUCO Academic All-American. Interesting comment, was there a Steve Herring at BYU? There have been a few of us over the years.
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