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  1. One of the funniest things I've watched in a while. Thanks for posting.
  2. It's hard to know who to blast here. Obviously there is some level of guilt by the players involved. What we don't know and may never know is did ND go overboard in the punishment for some minor offense. There have been examples on this board of where ND hasn't handled academic and other cases appropriately in the past so we don't know if they handled this appropriately or not. I tend to believe both sides have issues. The players certainly are to blame but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think ND made an example here and was probably harsher in some of the instances than they needed to be.
  3. That is the absolute worst segment on the show and a complete waste of time to watch.
  4. No, thank you for getting the thread starting and prompting the thought.
  5. So I decided to look at TO Margin instead of just total TOs and here's what the numbers tell us. +4 - 3-0 +3 - 3-0 +2 - 8-0 +1 - 10-1 (only loss coming at home to #4 Stanford in Kelly's first year) +0 - 7-1 (only loss coming @ #11 Stanford last year) - 1 - 6-3 (losses coming @Michigan last year, #2 Bama in MNC, @#7 Stanford in 2011) - 2 - 2-5 (losses coming @#12 Michigan in 2011, FSU Bowl game, @#14 MSU in 2010, Navy in 2010, #24 Tulsa in 2010) - 3 - 2-4 (losses coming #6 OK, @Pitt last year, #6 USC in 2011, Mich in 2010) - 4 - 1-0 (Syracuse victory this year) - 5 - 0-1 (S.Florida in 2011) Overall 24-1 with a positive turnover margin 31-2 with even or better turnover margin 37-5 when -1 or better 5-10 when -2 or worse When losing the turnover battle we are: 6-6 @ home 5-4 on the road 1-2 at neutral sites (Syracuse victory this year is counted as neutral site)
  6. Is that slang for a bowel movement or did you actually hear something about the suspended 5?
  7. I watched a good amount of the second half and didnt think He looked very good at all. I also saw a lot of things on offense that made me shudder because it reminded me of last year. The slow play calling, checks with the sideline and generally mistake laden offense. I'm sure glad we dont have to watch that any more.
  8. I don't agree with this. His dad is concerned about his future and the longer this drags out without resolution the more impact this has on DDs future both as a professional and as an athlete. If I were him I'd be frustrated too. I'm not sure I'd use twitter as my vehicle for expressing that but his son is in limbo both with his future as a Notre Dame student and as a Notre Dame football player. One thing is for sure, I'd be making myself part of the process. I'd be sitting outside the Dean of Students office until I had an answer about what's going on, the process and how my son is implicated. I'm sure he's heard Davaris side but I'd also want to know the same from the University. As a parent, you always defend your children until you have a reason not to. At this point, if the University hasn't engaged with the parents of the implicated students, it'd be hard as a parent to do anything else.
  9. I think the difference with the Golson situation was that it was his second academic misconduct violation. His first never came to light until after he was suspended for his second. In the case of DD the only thing we're aware of is his suspension for poor grades. So I think they're different.
  10. That may be true SD. I'm not sure how poor grades would be factored in. Did he have a first violation of academic misconduct because I don't recall one.
  11. I don't think Davaris was suspended for academic misconduct in the spring. He was suspended for not making grades. That's a completely different thing and either Swarbrick or Jenkins addressed it in the original presser.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. The fact that we haven't heard the final verdict doesn't mean the information that has come from some sources is inaccurate. The only part you could argue is inaccurate has been the timing but even then, Mendoza said it could be early this week.
  13. That's the route they took against Rice. I'd like to see a few more games before i determine if this is the route they WILL take. Maybe you've seen enough to already reach a conclusion but i havent. It's amazing to me how absolute people can be about the team and players after watching a single game. The data points are important but let's not forget it was game 1. We will know a lot more after Michigan.
  14. I'm nervous about this game but more because it's Michigan than anything else. This game is almost always tough regardless of talent or ranking. That said, Michigan and ND both have some talent and playmakers but both also have some holes. I dont know if we can take much away from them beating a horrible App. St. team. They have issues on the lines on both sides of the ball. Yes, we have question marks on defense that they will probably exploit but let's not act like they are a good team because they've done nothing to prove that yet.
  15. That may be the first drop we have seen from Prosise but the sample is pretty small. Everything i have read about him raises his hands as the major concern. If you watch how he caught/tried to catch the ball in that game you can see why. Both were trapped into his body. Very shaky. Hopefully he improves because he can be dynamic.
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