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  1. Just asking where all the Robertson to ND is coming from? Is it just from the Georgia writer who crystal balled him to ND or is there something else?
  2. Does anyone know of a place to watch a replay of yesterday's game? I'm overseas trying to find one but only getting highlights. I'm trying not to watch them as I'd rather watch the full game.
  3. I drank a purple Gatorade yesterday and today my green crap looked better than these jerseys......
  4. So at this point, do people think we will be taking 2 more safeties this class? Or 1 and try to get a high caliber player next year?
  5. Where is this coming from? The kid was a RS freshman that no one saw play.
  6. Haha, agreed. We will be 9-3 at best and hoping for 8-4. Freshman playing or not, we just really aren't that good.
  7. I'd take him.... I'd love to have a safety on the team who actually likes contact.
  8. Fully disagree, keep sig. How about doing work while at work?
  9. Agreed, ask Oregon what a bunch of good skill players get you with no offensive line. A beat up QB and sputtering high potent offense.
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