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  1. 1. ND wins (exact):8 2. ND bowl game (and before or after New Year's)Sun Bowl before new year 3. Leading tackler:jaylon Smith 4. Leading rusher (and over or under 1,000 yards)greg Bryant and over 5. Kickoff/Punt returns for TD over or under 3.5 under 6. Offense Points per game: 27 7: Defense points per game given up:17 8: Will ND have a Heisman finalist?no 9: Will ND beat FSU?:no 10: Will ND enter the top 5 this season:no 11: Will ND enter the top 10 this season:yes 12: Will ND go undefeated at home: no 13: Will ND beat Navy by more than 21.5 points:no 14: Will FSU beat ND by more than 14.5 points: yes 15: how many road losses will ND have this year:3 EXTRA TIEBREAKER: Is "midwestguy" me? no
  2. awesome!!!! Thanks for the information!
  3. Sorry for such a un-educated question but I really would like to know the answer. What happens if a recruit which is MORE highly touted decides to join Notre Dame after one of our recruits have been committed for months. Ergo the sky falls and all of these 5* decide to join . Does Notre Dame tell a 3* sorry your spot must be used for another recruit? Does Notre Dame do like all the other SEC teams and any one with medical hardships or non-scholarship players get the boot? Again may be a dumb question , but just curious. Thanks in advance.
  4. Quick question to you guys that have attended before. Who actually shows for the autograph sessions. All the players ? Some of the players? 1 of the players? Can you pretty much get which ever players you want ? Sorry I am in Georgia and would be pretty disappointed to make the trip and not get the player I like the most. Even if the trip and the game would be well worth it. Thanks
  5. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8995334/four-alabama-crimson-tide-players-arrested-no-longer-associated-team Parole tide!
  6. Def a braves hat . From ATL and I have one just like it... Not sure where the connection might be but nevertheless
  7. I was @ the game 2 rows from the field! Crowd was crazy but my 9ers pulled it out!!! Anyone else remember Collin being that huge a beast in college? In person he is cut up ! GO Irish & 9ers !
  8. Just waiting to hear the next farse ... Manti Teo comes out of the closet. When will all these lies just go away. NSD can't get here fast enough.
  9. College - H. Walker ( UGA) ND - Rocket - Teo - T. Brown NFL - R. Moss ! He should have been Irish. Go Niners!
  10. First his name is Davonte Neal ( sorry but that bothered me)( sorry type o Rofl ) ( Was not trying to be rude just prefer to see it correct) Secondly give the freshman some credit. He has solid hands and rarely dropped many fair catches. Yes we all would have preferred a few returns for TD's or sheer yards but I'll take a fair catch over fumbles within the redzone anyday. The kid has all the intangibles. Give him a year and we all will be glad he is Irish!
  11. Here are the questions: Who will be the winning team? __________ND_____________ Who will win the coin toss? ________ND_______________ Which will be the first team to score? ______AL_____________ Will a player rush for more than 100 yards? ___YES_______ Will a quarterback pass for more than 300 yards? ____NO______ Will a receiver catch at least six passes? ____NO______ Will there be a blocked kick or punt? _____NO_____ Will replay reverse a call? ___NO_______ Will a kickoff or punt be returned for a touchdown? ___NO_______ Will a safety be scored? _____NO_____ Will there be a successful field goal over 42 yards? __YES________ Will there be a fake field goal or punt? ___NO_______ Will there be a successful two-point conversion? ___NO_______ Will either defensive unit record three or more sacks? ___YES_______ Will either defensive unit score a touchdown? ___NO_______ Will either starting quarterback be replaced (for any reason)? ____NO______ Will either team score in the final two minutes of the first half? ___YES (FG)_______ Will the game end with a kneel down? ___NO_______ TIEBREAKER Total Points: ___45_______
  12. I'll Play ~ Irish - 35 Poodoo - 10 Prays for no rain! And this will also be my first ND game and can not wait! Fan since 90's but stuck right in the middle of the SEC :ohwell:
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